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fill in the blank. A year ago I...

A year ago this week I triggered for my first ever Clomid cycle. 

I think it's pretty cool to look back and reflect on how much changes over the course of a year. Life is an insane roller coaster. 

Re: fill in the blank. A year ago I...

  • A year ago this month, we were finding out about DH's MFI and I was having a biopsy for a suspected breast cancer.

    Fortunately, I don't have breast cancer.

    Dx: MFI, DOR, 9 Fibroids and homozygous MTHFR

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  • smileesmilee member

    I was in wine country in California... sipping on some good stuff!

    But, I was licking my wounds from my disastrous  double miscarriage IVF #2 cycle.... as much as I would love some wine right now, I am so happy for where I am this year! :)

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  • LCB34LCB34 member

    A year ago this weekend I was miscarrying my first baby from IVF #1. 

    Very bittersweet - I should have an outside baby but am so thankful that Kate is healthy and kicking away.

  • A year ago I was in the lowest place I've ever been and I hope I never feel that way again.  I was still reeling from yet another loss after IVF #3.  I was at the start of a 5-6 month break during which we did some further testing and got second and third opinions.  It was a dark time.  It is so amazing the difference a year can make. 
    TTC with unexplained IF since 8/2007 6 losses, one beautiful perfect boy in our arms Lilypie Premature Baby tickers
  • A year ago today I was 4 weeks away from my first RE appointment.


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  • A year ago today I was preparing myself mentally for my lap surgery.  Never in a million years I thought were I'm going to be a year later!
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  • We were enjoying summer and doing TI as DH recovered from his vericocele surgery. 
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  • A year ago I had had my first RE appt. and we were getting ready to do all the fun testing and gearing up for our first IUI in August.
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  • A year ago I still wasn't ovulating even on medicated cycles...and didn't think I ever would. 
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  • Finnishing BCP's for my first round of IVF.. H and i were also getting ready for vacation to Chatham down on the Cape. 4 yrs ago thought H and I were at our rehersal dinner, a cruise around Boston Harbor and got married the next day...
  • Interesting post.

    A year ago today, I was pregnant from my first injectable cycle.  I m/c around 9 weeks. 

  • A year ago today I was just starting up treatment cycles after my ectopic in March.  We were beginning our first medicated IUI cycle.  I was very hopeful as i was able to get pregnant quickly on clomid. Little did I know that my body would completely shut down on me.
  • A year ago I had a 3.5 month old baby! I cannot believe how big she seems now!  I had lost all of my pregnancy weight and was wearing a bikini with massive boobies from was awesome.  Not so much this year (the boobie part) :(

    TWO years ago today I had my first IVF ET which resulted in my beautiful daughter! I don't know what I'd do or where I'd be without her.

    Clomid M/C 8 weeks 2/08 *IVF #1-DD born 3/09
    *Surprise BFP-T18 baby lost at 13w 1/10 *FET #1-DS born 2/11
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  • I was having surgery to check for uterine scarring. Luckily all was clear.
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  • A year ago I was recovering from the c/p from IVF #1 and had just finished my one-day work-up with CCRM.

    Two years ago I was seriously questioning my marriage. 

    Three years ago my husband was pretty much at his worst as far as his chronic illness, hopped up on the max legal dose of oxycotin and a total zombie.  

    Four years ago we had been TTC for about 7 months. 

    Five years ago we were preparing to get married. 

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  • A year ago yesterday we thought we were having one baby.  :)

    After 2 rounds of IVF & 2 rounds of FET, we were blessed with identical twin girls!

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  • A year ago Friday, I had my HSG and was so hopeful that it would be the cycle we'd get pg.  The beginning of the next cycle is what prompted us to seek a specialist and figure out what was going on with my body.
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  • One year ago I was reeling from the cancellation of IVF #2 - had mild OHSS.

    Two years ago we were getting ready for DHs first TESE on July 2nd.

    Three years ago we were getting ready to TTC. 

    TTC since 8/07 DX - Severe MFI/azoospermia & MTHFR/ TESEs found sperm - 7/08 & 6/09/ 12/08 - IVF#1 - BFN/ 6/09 - IVF #2 - cancelled due to OHSS risk (had retrieval)/ 7/09 - FET #1 - BFN/ 9/09 - FET #2 - BFN/ 11/09 - IVF #3 with new RE cancelled twice - 10/09 & 11/09/ 1/10 - IVF #3 take 3 - BFN/ 4/10 - IVF #4 - first ever BFP on 5/13/10!!! 108 @ 10dp3dt/ 2nd beta 311!/ sono on 5/28/10 said TWINS!!!! Lilypie Second Birthday tickers
  • A year ago last month (does that make sense?)  I was having a D&E for my miscarriage and entering quite a depression because of it.


    So thankful right now!

    Ella- 8/22/08, Jules and Tuck- 12/15/10
  • Was celebrating my 25th birthday not aware that a month later I would be diagnosed with PCOS, that a month after that DH would be diagnosed with low morph, and that a year later I would be KU with twins!
  • ...DH, DD, and I were in NY, staying with my ILs, frustrated (well, at least I was). ;)
    Pregnant with #1 with PCOS and LPD, success with mostly naturopathic treatments
    Our Thanksgiving Day baby 11/22/07


    Pregnant with #2 with LPD, uterine polyp/hysteroscopy, DOR (AMH = 0.17), 2 c/ps
    Our early Christmas present 12/9/10
  • I was having testing in order to be referred to an RE. I also started having ovary pain and a cyst that burst in June, my 1st sign of Endo.
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  • imageccbanana:

    A year ago today I was 4 weeks away from my first RE appointment.


    How weird.  This is what I was going to say!  I also was going to add that I was having a pity party for myself all summer long last year as I had a lap in June and was told I couldn't try for 2 months. 

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  • A year ago I was doing chemotherapy (take THAT cancer!!!)
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  • A year ago this week it really hit me that getting pregnant on our own wasn't going to do it, so I called the OB to set up an appt to have a talk about it. Having to pick up the phone and saying I think there was a problem was one of the scariest things I had to do at the time, but in the end I am glad I did it when I did.

  • LTF525LTF525 member
    I was just begining all my IF testing.
    2.5 yrs TTC #1 - DX = Stage IV Endo, Lap performed Jan 2010
    TTC #1 - May 2010 - IUI #3: BFP 
    TTC #2 - May 2012 -IUI #2: BFP
    TTC #3 - Jan 2013 -Surprise BFP!
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  • One year ago I was recovering from having a d&e due to another loss and I was in such a funk that I never wanted to try again.

    Two years ago I was doing a clomid cycle.

    Three years ago I was getting my lap done and was dx with endo.  

    Four years ago we had just started ttc. 

    Daycare is SO exhausting!
  • I was so excited that we were going to start TTC & CD of my first official cycle trying had begun! I'd have a & day LP that cycle, which progressively got shorter...which led me to my RE...and to a MFI Dx...which led us to going straight to IVF/ICSI & now to our little girl. I feel so blessed to have her kicking away inside of me. Love this lil munchkin! Big Smile
  • A year ago it had been one year since my first m/c. We had done two Clomid cycles with no success, and I was officially diagnosed with unexplained IF. We were gearing up for our first injectable IUI cycle. If you would have told me then that I would have 3 IUIs, 2 IVFs, and another m/c under my belt by now, I would have said you were crazy.
    Unexplained Infertility

    After two Clomid cycles, three injectable IUI cycles, two IVFs, two miscarriages, and one lap surgery, IVF #2 has brought us our little boy!

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    TTC #2
    After months of being postponed or cancelled, FET #1.3 (Natural FET) brought us twin girls!

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    Surprise! Baby #4 is due in March!
  • A year ago exactly I found out I was pregnant after IUI #3. ?It was a very happy day. ?A week later, an ultrasound confirmed a miscarriage. ?What a year it has been. So glad to be enjoying a healthy pregnancy!!?
  • A year ago I was as pregnant as I am now...but with Stella!  I can't believe my baby girl is almost 1 and I really can't believe I'm about to have another one.  Life is pretty amazing!
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  • A year ago this month I was having my first Laproscopic surgery.

    For this child I prayed, and the LORD has given me my petition which I asked of him.
    1 Samuel 1:27
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  • i was gaining weight, doing "fertility yoga" and everything else i could think of to boost fertility in preparation for our first clomid cycle in august. (obviously none of this worked. it was kind of funny, honestly . . . we did a "trial run" with clomid where i responded great, then i did all of this stuff to try to make myself more fertile and started having a crappy response to clomid. =)  oh well. as someone who only went through five months of IF treatments before getting our sticky BFP, i know how lucky i was and am.)
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  • We decided to take a TTC break, and I was packing my bags for my trip to Spain.
  • A year ago this week I was planning my husband's surprise 40th birthday party and preparing to take my nephew (who we are raising) to his college orientation.

    DH and I were also blissfully unaware as to how long it would take us to get KU. 

    TTC (Seriously) from May 2009 IF DX: ? 1st RE appointment- September 2009 Oct 09: Clomid Ovidrel = BFN Nov 09: Clomid Ovidrel Endometrin = BFN Dec 09: Follicular Cysts, BCP to shrink Jan 2010-IUI #1: Gonal-f Ovidrel Endometrin Accupuncture=BFN Feb 2010- Break March 2010- IUI #2: Gonal-f Ovidrel Endometrin= BFN April 2010- IUI #3: Gonal-f Ovidrel Endometrin= BFN Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • A year ago I was starting the cycle that gave us our first BFP--and then our hearts broke and our IF journey really began.
  • A year ago next week, I was preparing for my pre-IVF hysteroscopy that discovered my septum... and pushed our cycle back a couple of months.

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