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I should really stop going to my birth month board.  I loved those girls in there and really enjoyed learning along with them.  However, all of them are finding out what they are having now (we were not going to find out) feeling their babies move... I want to be so excited for them all but realizing I would have been 17 weeks this weekend just makes me sad... I really need to quit stalking that board....
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  • That's very brave of you. It took me so much courage just to write a final post about my loss on my month board.
  • I know what you mean. I really liked my girls too. Their milestone right now is hitting the 2nd trimester mark.
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  • Repeat after me: "I will not go to the board. I will not go to the board."

    Girl -- you deserve better! Don't torture yourself!

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    I know. I keep checking in on my birth month board too. Probably not the best idea, but hard to resist.

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  • I pop in on mine as well. They are all finishing their nurseries, preparing lists for hospital bags...3rd tri stuff. it's hard to not look, after all we should be there. In a way, I want to know what I SHOULD be experiencing right now.

    I agree it's depressing. we should run through their boards and spam them.

    I kid, I kid.

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