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what is everyone having tonight

I am eating cookies and milk but i dont know what i will have other than that..

Re: what is everyone having tonight

  • I picked up some antipasto salad at Costco - Having that and some little flat-bread pizzas.


  • A milkshake!
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  • I am thinking frozen pizza unless DH decides he wants to cook something which is always a possibility. OR maybe I should go for a Taco Pizza from the local Pizza place, it is amazing!
  • chicken with stir fry vegetables!
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  • Burgers, salad, and corn on the cob!  I want to make cookies so badly, but we're out of chocolate chips!  Noo!
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  • IDK. I really want mac and cheese from a local restaurant. Hubs doesn't want to go get it and I don't feel well enough to do it.
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  • I'm about to have some cinnamon Life cereal for dinner.

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  • Mashed Potatos and preggie pops!
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  • It's weird, I'm not super queezy anymore, but nothing ever sounds "good" for dinner. So I have no idea.. grrrr.
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  • I think I will make tacos. Easy and it doesn't sound too bad right now.
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  • and now i am having bb-q, french fries, and corn on the cob
  • Breakfast for dinner....Potatoes O'Brien in a bowl w/ maple sausage & sunny side eggs.....yum yum!  :) Plus a little hot sauce if the belly is feeling it tonight.  Gotta do what the belly likes!  :)
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  • I had chicken marsala and brocoli...but I am sure I will eat again since I am always starving. :)
  • pasta and sauce with some garlic bread :) I'm not feeling too nauseous today.
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  • Chicken on the bbq and a baked potatoe. Usually I have brocelli or some other green veggie but the smell alone is making me so nauseous.

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  • Grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup!  My typical "single lady" dinner for when my husband is at work (he's a firefighter so he works 48 hour shifts).  I hate cooking a big, complicated meal for myself.
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