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What are some old-fashioned tests to determine gender?

I know one of them is taking your wedding ring, putting it on a string and holding it close to your belly. If it swings one way it's supposed to be a boy, and if it swing in another it's a girl. (Can't remember it exactly right now!)

There's another one with mixing your pee with something... chlorox? A blue laundry detergent? Can't remember. 

I've heard of lots of ways but can't remember them, If you can please let me know! 

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Re: What are some old-fashioned tests to determine gender?

  • Did you mean Clorox? Like bleach? That one is drano and urine the crystals not the liquid. Its 50/50 just like flipping a coin but if you get a kick out of it have fun :D
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  • Inject your urine into a rabbit.  Oh wait, that's a pregnancy test.  Not sure.

  • imagekdodge423:

    Wait until it's born and see what parts it has. That one tends to be fairly accurate.


    This.  Or wait until your 20 weeks ultrasound and hope your LO isn't being shy.

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    Someone told DH if you're emotional early on that means a boy.  I find this highly unlikely though b/c I think most pregnant women tend to be emotional all 9 months!
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  • I've been told a thousand things, but here are a few of them: 

    1. If the first heartrate is below 140 then its a boy

    2.  If you crave sweet its a girl, if you crave salty its a boy

    3. If you carry wide its a girl, if you don't look pregnant from behind its a boy 

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  • if the sweet and salty thing was true, that would be cool, but I crave both at the same time!
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  • Just be patient.
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  • LOL... I must be having one of each then =)

    1. Heartrate is 162

    2. I crave everything salty

    3. And, I think I look pregnant from ALL side 

  • Wow, snarky ladies here. It's just a harmless game to me- I already have one of each, and being my 3rd and last pregnancy I'm not going to find out the gender, so I thought it'd be fun to dig up some old wives' tales and test them out to see if any of them are true.

    With my son and my daughter I didn't look pg from behind. Actually scared a few friends who hadn't seen me for 6 months to tap me on the shoulder, me turn around and them get git by a big ol' swinging belly! LOL 

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  • the most interesting to me was reading about when you conceived...if it was in the beginning or end of your ovulation. Male sperm are fragile...so if you have sex right before ovulation only the girl sperm are left after so many hours but some sperm can last as long as three days!!! Also I read that the depth of penetration can play a part....if your hubby loves to pry your cervix when hes having his fun you are more likely to have a boy b/c the y sperm have a better chance of outlasting the x sperm (less distance to race- y's are faster!!!)

    I've heard a few times now that if you have early m/s it's a girl...so none of it correlates for me!!!

     plus you are more likely to have a girl if your partner smokes, drinks, etc. because y' s are more fragile.

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