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? on using the PNP

Those with twins, do they use the PNP together? ?

We saw the pedi today and we asked about where they should be sleeping during the daytime (at night they're in bassinets). ?She suggested using PNP during daytime for napping down in the living room, instead of having them upstairs in a crib together or in their bassinets in our room. ?She said, "Put them in ?the PNP, let them be together and spend more time close together. ?Let them touch each other and be close." ?I'm fine with that, and it sounds great, but we tried it today and so far it's been a major FAIL.

We first put them down in the PNP un-swaddled, just to let them touch each other ?and roll around (supervised, of course). ?They quickly got upset at the "freedom" their limbs had and SCREAMED, so we swaddled them up and put them back down in the PNP. ?They just don't seem to want to sleep...they fussed and rolled around in their swaddles. ?So, I went and got the sleep positioners and put those down in the PNP, and put them in those, swaddled. ?That seems to be helping. ?

But, her point was to let them have more "freedom" in the PNP, and she even commented that we don't want them to be swaddled all day long between feedings, because their muscles will atrophy. ?

So my utimate question/problem is, they can't seem to sleep unswaddled in the PNP. ?What to do??

Re: ? on using the PNP

  • My girls didn't like hanging out in the PnP when they were really little, and now we can't put them in the same one because they roll on top of each other and pick at one another. I don't think they liked it because it was too big open a space for them when they were smaller. It has taken a month to get them used to being in their cribs rather than their bassinettes.
  • I only put them in there to sleep.  They are both at my parent's house since we go down there a lot and they each have been sleeping in their own PNP when we are there since 7 weeks.  They have never slept in a PNP or crib together.  When they came home they went in separate.
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