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Just went to my ultrasound appt today..i am 6w6d!  Heart rate was 107...nurse said this is normal since I just developed the heart beating and that we are going to repeat it next week to make sure it goes up.  I am a little concerned with this, maybe just because I had a miscarriage 4 mths ago and I dont want anything to happend this time.  Anyone had this before??

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  • That's pretty normal - I think the heart starts beating right around 6 weeks, and it does increase quite a bit each day.  Sounds like a great start!!
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  • Our HR at 6w4d was 120 I was a little put off that it seemed low but at that point they are still regulating and sporadic. If the tech isn't concerned you probably shouldn't be either.
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  • With my DD my first u/s was at 7w4d I believe and the HR was still only at 120. By the next appointment it was in the 150's. I'm sure your little one's ticker is just getting up to speed and will be there soon!
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  • our baby's hr was 116 at 6w5d

    and 130 2 days later. it will go up! don't worry!


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  • My RE didn't even tell me the heart rate at our 6 week appointment.  I think that's just his policy because they are always on the low side that early and it causes people to worry for no reason.  At 8 weeks the heart beat was 180, I'm sure you'll be fine!
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  • It is completely normal.
  • thank you to all that posted...makes me feel better :)
  • I completely understand how you feel.  I also had a miscarriage back in January.  I am 8 weeks today and crossing my fingers and toes that everything goes well.

    The doctor told me that at 6 weeks they like to see the heart rate at 100 bpm or higher.  At my six week appointment it was 104, 7 week 131 and 8tht week 171.  It will go up, don't worry.  :)   Best wishes!!!

  • I also today had my second u/s. On paper I am supposed to be measuring 7weeks on the ultrasound was 6 weeks and 5 days. the first one was last tuesday and i measured 5w6d and was 5w4d on paper and we saw a fluttering heartbeat. Today the growth looked fine however our heartbeat was slow. only 80bpm and they were hoping for 120 and being able to hear it. he was having a hard time keeping the monitor steady on the heart beat as soon as we'd catch a few beats it would move. lol probably cuz i had a heart rate of 200bpm.

    I am completed not sure how to feel right now. After I miscarried in November I have been so cautious this time around that I just want to enjoy it. but the demons are haunting me.

     gotta wait a whole week to see what is going to happen.


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