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I wasn't sure which board to post this on. ?I had a loss in April. ?I post on here once in a while. ?I just found out that I have hydrosalpinx which is fluid build up in my right fallopian tube. ?I go for an MRI to look into it further. ?I have to make the decision on having my right tube removed completely or leaving it but taking the chance of having an ectopic pregnancy in the future. ?Has anyone else had either of their tubes removed? ?I don't even know what kind of surgery it is. ?I was just hoping this once would be the time I went to the Dr. and everything was normal. He said if I removed it I would lower the chance of getting pregnant by only 7%. ?Anyone know anything or had to have either of their tubes removed. ?TIA

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  • Hi Dawn -- I don't have any experience with this type of thing...But I am sorry that you didn't get the news that you wanted. Did the doctor say what the risk of having an ectopic was? I was just wondering: If we ovulate from a different ovary every other month, is it possible to just try on the months you know you are ovulating from the "good" ovary?
  • I really didn't get too much info from my Dr. yet. ?He wanted me to get an MRI done first. ?He suggests getting it removed. ?From reading up on the internet it seems as if this developed due to an appendectomy I had 10 years ago since I did not have any of the other things they say causes it. Apparently whatever is leaking from this one tube can also be toxic to a healthy pregnancy and increases the chances of a miscarriage because it leaks into the uterus. ?I was just hoping to hear from anyone that may have also had a better prognosis with it being removed opposed to leaving it in. ?Thanks!
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  • Hi, I don't have any experience with Hydrosalpinx, so I can't help you there.  But I did have my left tube removed due to a ruptured ectopic.  If you had your tube removed it would probably be done through the a laparoscope.  That means you would have 3 tiny incisions in your belly instead of being completely opened.  That's what I had, and the recovery wasn't bad at all.  Just 3 band-aids and a little soreness.

    As for conceiving again, my doc explained that the chances don't go down much.  He said that the egg gets released into your abdomen, basically into "space".  Then the "fingers" on the ends of the fallopean tubes draw the egg into the tube.  In theory, you can ovulate from  your left side, but get drawn into the right tube. Normally the 2 tubes compete for the egg.  Since I only have 1 tube now, my egg should always get drawn into the right tube.  

    I hope this makes sense and that it helps.  I was very concerned about losing a tube also, but I didn't have a choice.  Good luck with your decision!

  • Thanks, L&T. ?Makes me feel a bit better that I am hearing that your doctor said that your chances don't go down as much. ?I wish all this could be easier for everyone. ?Best of luck to you!
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