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PAIF EDD Check-in 6.30.10

Congratulations to our new mommies ? I am assuming that Gringa and KME have both had their babies!  We can?t wait to hear your birth stories ladies!!!


QOTD:  How are you feeling this week?


Feel free to add any other updates you want to share!



Ladychicago ?- Girl

Shipoopiisforme (Lisa) ? Born 6/15/10 ? Team Green = Team Pink and Team Blue!

Kme930 - Boy

Gringa68 - Girl





June 2010

Smilee (Kelly) ? 6/29/10 - Boy


July 2010

Stepgirl21 (Ashley) 7/8/10 - Boy

TandW (Teresa) ? 7/18/10 ? Girl

MrsHisOnly ? 7/19/10 - Boy


August 2010

BRSaugust20 ? 8/2/10 ? Team Green!

Dochas (Susan) ? 8/3/10 - Boy

S_ms (Stephanie) ? 8/3/10 ? Girl

ChaynBill (Chayelle) ? 8/12/10 ? Twins!!

Cajunladybug (Courtney) ? 8/14/10 ? Girl

OrangeSmoke ? 8/14/10 ? Boy/ Boy Twins!!

AlissaCell701 (Alissa) ? 8/22/10 ? Boy

SweetCaroline ? 8/22/10 - Boy

Smeyer (Shannon) ? 8/24/10 ? Boy/ Girl Twins!

Hopecounts ? 8/31/10 ? Team Green!


September 2010

LCB34 (Lindsey) - 9/1/10 ? Girl

FaithRocks ? 9/7/10 - Boy

Prio2004 ? 9/7/10 - Girl

Jastl32 (Lauren) ? 9/9/10 ? Girl

Marcuej (Marcu) ? 9/10/10 - Girl

TheSkimmy ? 9/15/10 ? Girl

Ssbke (Stephanie) ? 9/18/10 - Boy


October 2010

Yodasmistress ? 10/2/10 ? Boy

Daisy?s mom (Ivona) ? 10/6/10 ? Girl/ Girl Twins!!

Perry7285 ? 10/8/10

VeronicaCorningstone ? 10/12/10 ? Boy/Boy Twins!!

SweetBijou ? 10/13/10 ? Boy/ Boy Twins!!

WifeofaRedHead ? 10/13/10 ? Boy/ Boy Twins!!

Firegirlkorb1 ? 10/15/10 ? Girl

BulaS (Erin) ? 10/16/10 ? Girl

Itsmyangel (Amanda) 10/18/10 ? Boy

Anabe11e ? 10/19/10

Breeza ? 10/19/10 - Boy

Njdcgirl (Kristen) ? 10/20/10 - Boy

J11sate (Jen) ? 10/22/10 ? Girl

Jen~n~brett (Jennifer) ? 10/26/10 ? Girl

Iluvadam ? 10/30/10 ? Twins!!


November 2010

M&m2006 (Merri) ? 11/5/10

Jsd0521 (Jen) ? 11/6/10 - Girl

EMTTessie (Tess) ? 11/7/10

MrsKario (Joanna) ? 11/16/10 ? Twins!!

Ashonwiler09 (Ashley) ? 11/18/10 ? Boy

Kiki11 ? 11/18/10

Pooman (Chrissy) ? 11/22/10 - Girl

Mbjmaybebaby ? 11/23/10 ? Boy/Boy/Girl Triplets!!

Angel 112 (Maria) ? 11/28/10

Omega20 (Amanda) ? 11/29/10 ? Boy/ Boy Twins!!


December 2010

Babsie ? 12/5/10 ? B/G/G Triplets!!

LVBlvd (Megan) ? 12/6/10 ? Boy/ Boy Twins!!

GenRN45 ? 12/8/10

t.bird (Trina) ? 12/10/10

altee9 ? 12/11/10 ? Twins!!

Villo24 (Vicki) ? 12/17/10

CJ71903 ? 12/18/10 ? Twins!!

Jennim1894 (Jenni) ? 12/18/10

Mama_cito95 ? 12/20/10

Amberleeb ? 12/21/10

Juliannat ? 12/21/10 ? Twins!!

Alchris ? 12/25/10

Marie6 ? (Lindsay) - 12/26/10


January 2011

Mrs.AMR (Amanda) ? 1/1/11 ? Twins!!

Crystalgirl ? 1/4/11

Wiscgirl95 (Katie) 1/4/11

Wnoony15 ( Wendy) ? 1/4/11

Lovemymonkey ? 1/6/11

Williaw (Abby) ? 1/6/11

Mrslovebug (Kim) ? 1/11/11 ? Twins!

Musubigirl ? 1/11/11

Jhleap ? 1/13/11

Sarahp63 (Sarah) ? 1/14/11

Susan&Courtney (Susan) ? 1/18/10

MichelleL1118 (Michelle) ? 1/19/11

AimeeL85 (Amiee) ? 1/20/11

Sweetbelle ? 1/20/11

4510heather ? 1/21/11 ? Twins!!

Dianne2007 (Tracey) ? 1/21/11

Mrsb427 (Mary Beth) ? 1/21/11

NICOLE032 (Nicole) ? 1/20/11

Nikinikinine (Niki) ? 1/24/11 ? Twins!!

Deanna Shehane (Deanne) ? 1/25/11

Houston 2010 ? 1/25/11

Jerseymomma ? 1/26/11

Chaucer ? 1/27/11

MrsVicki ? 1/28/11

SweetieD21 (Danielle) ? 1/30/11

ALY1981 ? 1/31/11



February 2011

Christakim ? 2/1/11  - Twins!!

ChristyD_TTC#2 ? 2/2/11

Jane0103 ? 2/2/11

Klaus ? 2/3/11

MontyMrs ? 2/3/11 ? Twins!!

2006july15bride (Tara) ? 2/5/11 ? Twins!!

LTF525 ? 2/7/11

Miamicubajam ? 2/7/11 ? Twins!!

Huddlstn ? 2/11/11

JennB16 ? 2/13/11

Psychgalbride ? 2/16/11

Whitney0708 (Whitney) ? 2/24/11





Re: PAIF EDD Check-in 6.30.10

  • mostly good until dinner. I can't seem to get meal size and meal timing right at night and I end up pretty sick before bedtime. Getting there though!

    Update: last u/s at RE today and then we graduate to the OB. Our first OB visit is tomorrow morning. I have no idea what to expect and I'm sad/nervous to leave the familiarity of my RE's office. Oh well. Onwards and upwards.

  • LCB34LCB34 member

    Update: Growth scan tomorrow to see how Kate is doing!

    QOTD: I am feeling pretty good this week - a bit tired from my trip to New Orleans but, overall, good.

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  • smileesmilee member

    QOTD:  Eh... feeling okay.  Nausea is pretty bad,but I am trying to look  at that as a sign of impending labor!  I guess I feel like an overdue pregnant person.

    update:  Baby looks good- he measured yesterday at 8lbs 13 ounces... yikes.  If I do not go on my own, I'll be induced next week.  I half want to wait to go until my dr comes back on Tuesday, but have just given it up at this point and just asking for a safe delivery for me and the little guy.  

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  • Hi ladies! I am actually waiting to board my flight back to Fla.. DH and I had a wonderful time back home in MA.. It was a very busy trip and lots of runni g around seeing family and friends and 2 baby showers in between! DH and I did get to see a soxs game last night for our 4 yr wedding Anniversary and he even pulled sone strings and we sat accross from Matt Louer and got our names on the jumbo tron!! I am feeling great otherwise except for the Fact that my feet have swollen up to the size of elephant feet!! Yikes!!
  • QOTD: It depends on the moment. Some days I'm okay, others are horrible. Mornings are generally the best part of the day. I also usually feel ill after taking my vitamins so I save that for after dinner.

    Update: Yay second trimester! So happy to be here! I have an OB appointment tomorrow to see the babies. Exciting!

    DX: Him: Super sperm Me: Diminished pituitary function due to tumor removed April 2008, MTHFR Hetero C677T & A1298C
    IVF #1-4=BFN IVF #5=BFP! U/S on 5/3 revealed TWINS!

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  • feeling ok this week....actually went out this weekend and walked around the outlet mall for a couple hours which is way better than i HAD been doing....still having BH contractions non stop but am feeling better knowing they haven't really affected my cervix at this point...i think i might be getting used to them or something cause they haven't been AS Bad....i notice if i stay calm and relaxed through the day they are better...also minimizing caffeine (chocolate) helps too
    1 chemical and 1 loss at 9 weeks prior to DS
    IVF #1 1/10-transfered 2 blasts- DS born 10/2010

    Trying for # 2 since 2012.  2 failed FETS 1 failed IUI.
    IUI#2 4/14/14-- BFP !!!!! Beta #1 14dpiui= 45 Beta #2 16dpiui= 80  Beta #3 18dpiui= 88 (chemical pregnancy)
    March 2015- Chemical pg

    1/25/16- BFP  Beta1 12dpo = 17, Beta 2 14 dpo = 28.. resulted in one beautiful boy born 9/21/16 :)

    Now I'm a stay at home loving life and pursuing my love of photography!!!
  • I don't feel too bad right now, actually.  I've been eating better the past few days, which is nice, and I really hope it lasts!  It's weird though to get so tired just from doing little things like cleaning up. 

    I'm getting my thyroid checked again on Monday and then my first OB appointment is two weeks after that...I can't wait to see our little one again!

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  • QOTD:  How are you feeling this week?

    Feeling anxious...9 weeks today and nervous.  It was at 9 that we lost our LO last year.  I go on Friday for a growth scan to make sure the bug is still chugging along growing like crazy!  Even after that, I'll still be pretty anxious for about a week and half as it was that long after the baby stopped growing until we had another u/s and found out. 

    Trying to remain positive, but it's so hard after the m/c last year.  I don't have a ton of symptoms (and no m/s), so that always makes me nervous too.

  • Sorry to be a pain, but they changed my official due date to Feb 2nd, would you mind changing it for me:)


    QOTW- I feel horrible.  Throwing up almost every meal and getting headaches and constipation when I choose Zofran, so either way I'm sorta screwed.  Hopefully the 2nd tri is much better!!!

    Ella- 8/22/08, Jules and Tuck- 12/15/10
  • QOTD: I feel mostly ok this week. I have had some pretty bad indegestion the past few nights, that keep me from falling asleep. My doctor gave me a prescription that should help with that, and gave me the ok for a sleeping pill when I get restless.

    Update: Had my monthly growth scan yesterday and everything looks great! Kathryn is a whooping 1 Lb 3 Oz. My blood sugars are fine and even tho they are now on the low end my doctor is still saying I have GD, not sure I agree with that, but she isn't putting me on anything so it's not changing too much. My doctor also said the best thing I have ever heard, she said, my pregnancy is becomeing very boreing!

    Save some time to dream, cause your dream might save us all"
    DX: PCOS & Endo
    Cycle # 184,943 January 2010 Follistim, trigger, B2B IUI = BFP on Febuary 14, 2010


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  • QOTD:  I'm actually feeling pretty good this week. Being tired ALWAYS is just the norm now. :P Hopefully I get some energy soon. I'm seriously falling asleep anywhere I go.

  • Still exhausted and still nauseous, but at least the nausea is not quite as bad as it was... And I feel a little less tired when I force myself to go to bed 2-3 hours (!) earlier than usual.  (In my last pregnancy, I really never felt exhausted... I was easily winded, but that was it.  Of course, I could nap as much as I wanted, and now...hahahahaha!  Yeah, notsomuch.)

    Got my NT results this morning... Looks pretty darn good!  1 in >5K for Down's and 1 in 10K for T13/T18.  I'm so relieved.  Now if only I could stop worrying about my belly being smaller since I stopped PIO/Estrace.  Also, I think I had a contraction (!!!) yesterday.  That freaked me out...

  • Can you add me?  My name is Shannon and I am due 12/24/10

    QOTD: Feeling good overall, just really tired.  Wondering when my 2nd tri energy is going to kick in. 

    It's a GIRL! Born 12/16/10 Baby 2.0 is on the way! Due in June.
  • QOTD:  Eh, not feeling too bad.  Back pain is, well, literally a pain.  It's starting to become a challenge to roll over in bed.

    Update:  We had our babies measured on Friday.  At 24w3d, Baby A weighed 1lb 11oz and Baby B weighed 1lb 12oz, so that was exciting to see they're growing so well.  I'm having a cervix check and another fetal fibronectin test on Friday, so hopefully everything is good.

    TTC since Jan. 07
    6 IUIs,IVF #1 w/ICSI = BFP!
    Betas, 332 & 856 = twins!

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    Our baby girl is here!
  • Update:  We finally started telling people!  I was nervous, but it feels good!  (And I fear I was having a hard time hiding it belly-wise so it's good to be out in the open. ;))

    QOTW:  MUCH better this week, which is good since we leave on Friday for 2 weeks in Seattle.  I'm still feeling cruddy around or after dinner, but it's not a nauseous feeling exactly.

    Pregnant with #1 with PCOS and LPD, success with mostly naturopathic treatments
    Our Thanksgiving Day baby 11/22/07


    Pregnant with #2 with LPD, uterine polyp/hysteroscopy, DOR (AMH = 0.17), 2 c/ps
    Our early Christmas present 12/9/10
  • Update: Well last week was a little crazy. I had my 36 week appt. on Thursday. My OB was OOT so the back up OB had me have an u/s to see if LO had turned yet. In the u/s we discovered my fluid was really low. He was concerned and wanted me to come in for an NST on Sat. He ended up scheduling me for an u/s the next day. My DH was giving me insane amounts of water all day and thankfully by Fri. My fluid had gone up to safe level, so no NST. My 37 week appt. was scheduled for yesterday since he wanted me to see my OB right away when he got back. He ran another u/s and everything was good my flid went up a little more. Still haven't had an internal so no idea if I've made any progress. I'm guessing they will check next week.

    QOTD: I'm pretty uncomfortable these days. Ever since LO turned head down the pressure of his head is making everything hurt down there. It's difficult to walk, turn over in bed and most other things that involve the use of my legs. I'm ready for him to be an outside baby :)

    TTC #1 May/June 2008
    CP 7.19.08
    Dx with PCOS 3.27.09
    HSG 7.15.09 = All clear
    8.09 & 9.09(re-try) IUI #1/2 - Clomid 100mg Follistim 150iu Ovidrel=cancelled due to cysts
    10.09 IUI #1/2 - Clomid 100mg Follistim 150iu Ovidrel Crinone 8%=BFP!
    22mm Follie / 60mil & 48mil post wash counts Beta #1 (14dpiui)= 102 Beta #2 (18dpiui)= 714 12.3.09 HB 135bpm

    Our baby boy was born on 7.8.10 @ 38 weeks 2 days! 2:17pm 6lbs 8oz 20" long
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    TTC #2
    HSG 2.2013 - IUI 1/2, 3/4 = BFN - Took 4 month forced break
    IUI 5/6 Clomid 150mg Follistim 150iu Ovidrel ( 11 & 15 mil post wash counts) = 2ww
  • LTF525LTF525 member
    QOTD: Feeling a little pukey, but other than that not to bad. I did get a Zorfran prescription so I hope to fill it this afternoon.
    2.5 yrs TTC #1 - DX = Stage IV Endo, Lap performed Jan 2010
    TTC #1 - May 2010 - IUI #3: BFP 
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    TTC #3 - Jan 2013 -Surprise BFP!
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  • QOTD:  More nervous than ever.  I have been crampy for two days.

    Update:  Third U/S is tomorrow at 10am and it can't get here fast enough.  We will know the fate of Baby B and hopefully reassure me that Baby A is ok.  I may be released to regular OB as well.  

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  • Update: I had an OB appointment today and I have my level II tomorrow. I can't wait to see the little guy and hope he is growing nice and strong.

    QOTD: My back has been hurting a little this week. Still having morning sickness in the evenings here and there but nothing too bad.

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  • Not much to update. I have a routine appt on Tuesday and hoping to find out when my anatomy scan will be. Can't wait to see the baby again!

    QOTD: Feeling much better. I have had morning sickness here and there since week 13 but nothing horrible. The heat has been taking a toll on me which to be honest I am shocked about because I didn't think it would bother me being so early in the pregnancy. 

  • This week I'm feeling pretty exhausted.  I think I might even take a benadryl tonight so that I can hopefully get a better night's sleep and possibly even sleep in tomorrow. 

    My next ultrasound is next Friday and I can't wait to see how much Rocky has grown.  Even though I only go 1-2 weeks between ultrasounds, it's amazing how much he/she changes each time!

    TTC with unexplained IF since 8/2007 6 losses, one beautiful perfect boy in our arms Lilypie Premature Baby tickers
  • smeyersmeyer member

    Update:  I had an NST today and it went great.  The babies both looked good, my BP was OK, and I had no contrax.

    QOTD:  I actually feel pretty good mentally.  Last weekend was really hard and I sorta felt like the bottom dropped out on us (not that I ever expected a twin pg to be easy).  After yesterday's OB appt and today's NST, I'm feeling a lot more positive and I'm setting small goals to keep these babies where they belong.  Physically, I'm tired and achy but the bed rest, while boring, is keeping me rested and as as relaxed as possible. 

  • I guess I am the first March due date (fingers crossed).  March 5, 2011.
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  • kme930kme930 member

    Just dropping in before a feeding - wow, this is a full time job!! :) I'm so impressed with anyone who posts after giving birth!

    I did indeed have my little guy. I haven't posted a full story, but did post a picture and brief update here

    Good luck with all of your pregnancies! I hope to be back to posting soon!! 

  • QOTD:  I'm feeling good, just tired.  I guess that's to be expected, though.  I can't belive it's only 45 days until my due date!

     Update:  Had my shower in Louisiana last weekend, so that was alot of fun and I got to see some friends I hadn't seen in a long time.  It was so good for me!  But on the flip side, my Aunt lost her battle with Ovarian cancer on Sunday, and it's been a real hard thing.  I miss her alot, and my whole family freaked out about me traveling that far again this late in the pregnancy.  I wish I could go down for the service, but my uncle and Dad are adamant that I should stay here.  I got to spend a couple of hours with her on Friday when she was still alert and responsive, so I got to tell her goodbye and say everything I needed for her to hear.  I guess that's what counts, but it still sucks.

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  • Update: Not a whole lot to update...30 week appointment on Friday. 

    QOTD: I feel like my aches and pains are relatively minor - so I try not to complain. Overall, I feel pretty good except for one spot above my belly button and to the right that just feels bruised all the time (she must be pressing there or something) and my crotch area has a lot of pain (on and off depending on the day). I've slept much better so far this week, but getting comfortable is always a challenge.  

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  • QOTD: I am feeling much better than I did a few weeks ago.  I have not got sick in 2 weeks!  I feel like I have more energy than a few weeks ago.

    Nothing else to update my next appt is not for 2 more weeks. 

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  • Sorry I've missed a few updates, I've had a lot going on and missed them.

    UPDATE: Two weeks ago we had our anatomy scan and offically confirmed it's a girl! She is still so active, so much so that the radiologist couldn't see her aorta well. So that ment another u/s...darn. :) Had the f/u u/s today and all looks great. It's a little sad thinking this is the last offical u/s I'll have. But maybe I can talk my coworkers into a little peek farther down the road. Also I passed my three hour glucose test, but I know that I'll have to do another one hour at 28 weeks (thanks PCOS).

    QOTD: I've been feeling pretty good for the most part. I've had some horrible bouts of sciatica, one so bad I didn't think I was going to even be able to get out of bed! I felt my best when we went swimming last weekend and just floated in the water. I can't believe how quickly and easily I get out of breath now, but I just have to try and slow myself down and take my time.

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  • QOTD: Feeling pretty good, a little tired but not bad. 

    Update: finally making progress in the nursery! I was getting really stressed about it so that's a relief.

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  • QOTD: I feeling pretty good.  I started a modified bed rest  a couple of days ago, I go in to work for 2-3 hrs a day and work from home (from my couch).  That made a huge difference already, my feet are not so swollen, I get enough rest and I'm happier overall.  I feel so fortunate to have such an awesome employer who understands my high risk pregnancy.
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  • QOTD:  Feeling ok today, contractions have slowed down for now, hoping to stay like this for a week or two.
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  • Hey ladies, sorry I have been MIA. I have been sooo busy @ work & on the weekends going from place to place.

    QOTD: feeling good overall. I am feeling her move more & more everyday, which always makes me happy. I have been starting to get sore at the end of the work day, but my H just massages me & I feel better. Big Smile

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