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Northwestern classes for new parents? Useful?

I am curious if you took the classes offered at NW for new parents:

Great expecations

Infant safety/CPR

Infant basic care

BF 101

If you did were they helpful? If you decided not to...any specific reason?

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Re: Northwestern classes for new parents? Useful?

  • We took the breastfeeding class a few weeks ago and it seemed very useful.  I felt like I learned more than I would have from just reading the book.  The class is obviously taught from the perspective of exclusively breastfeeding, but if you take everything with a grain of salt, it is useful.  We are also taking Infant CPR and Great Expectations in the next few weeks.
  • We took all the classes.  We are first time parents and knew nothing about babies besides from what we read in books.  Here's what I thought (sorry, my response got a little long!) - 

    The Infant Safety/CPR class was very helpful.  I'm actually considering seeing if we can take it again since I feel like I'm forgetting it. 

    The BF class was pretty good, although it still didn't truly prepare me for how difficult BFing was going to be.

    We took a two part Great Expectations class, and it was just ok.  I didn't feel like our instructor went into a lot of detail about labor and delivery.  It was very general.  They did go over the steps for checking into the hospital and where to go when you are in labor, so that was nice.  When we were at the BF class (on a saturday), another Great Expectations class was going on and it seemed much more interactive (couples were practicing breathing, different positions, etc.), so it might just depend on the teacher. 

    The infant basic care was pretty useless.  A lot of what they go over is very basic (lol, I guess that is in the title).  But even as a first time mom to be, I felt like I already knew a lot of what they covered - like put the baby to sleep on their back, here's a swaddleme and this is how it works, etc. 

    What about the Pediatric Care class?  That one was pretty informative to me.  It was an open forum where people ended up asking a lot of questions about feedings, sleep, when to get immunizations, etc.  I don't know if he teaches all of them, but Dr. Weissbluth (the author of Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child) taught our class, so it was interesting to hear his thoughts. 

    Looking back, I'd probably still sign up for all the classes.  Isn't there a little discount if you take them all?  That might cover some of the cost of the Infant Basic Care class.  HTH!

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  • We did all of the classes- in 2008, there was a discount if you did all. 

    Infant Care was a bit basic- but I remember getting a few freebies from that class- so it wasn't a total waste of time. 

    We did the one-day Great Expectations- it was informative but since I planned to have an epi (and had already met with the anesthesiolgy team about that bc of pre-existing conditions), I didn't get as much out of it.  If I had planned to go for a natural birth, the little bit of breathing, positions that they showed wouldn't have been near enough to get me through labor.  I'm still glad we went- especially that DH was with because I forgot about not holding your breath during contractions and kept doing it without realizing it.

    Breastfeeding 101 was good for us- bring your DH!  If nothing else, he learned that it wasn't necessarily easy from the get-go and was great support during the first weeks when the baby wanted to eat a ton.  Plus, I loved that they told him to bring me a glass of water every time I sat down to nurse- you need to push fluids and it was a good reminder.

    I'd also do the car seat check.

  • JJ1973JJ1973 member
    We did the Great Expectations class a couple weeks ago and will be doing the infant CPR and breastfeeding courses, as well. Great Expectations was okay...I think it was more useful for my husband, who knew very little about labor and delivery. Not much was discussed in terms of relaxation and pain management strategies - and we had a great instructor...the course was more focused on the stages of labor and medical pain management strategies. That's not surprising in hindsight, now that I know Prentice is a pretty high intervention place. If you're planning on trying to go natural (I was pretty much the only person there thinking about it), the course will be a little discouraging in that regard. The tour of the hospital was the most useful to me - just to have a visual of where to go and what we'll be doing where.
  • We did the Great Expectations class and the CPR class. I'm glad we did both.

    Great Expectations was mostly review for me (I ended up answering most of the questions haha) but I think it was helpful to my husband. I also liked the hospital tour the best. It's a REALLY nice hospital!

    Infant CPR was practical and I'm glad we did it, even though I hope to never have to use it! 

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  • I didn't because i did not deliver a baby there until my 3rd (1st 2 were born in Indiana). I am thinking about having my youngest take one of their sibling classes this time as she will be 4.
  • we didn't because they were much too expensive. we looked to see if there was anywhere else more affordable, but it was pretty much the same price everywhere. ultimately, we decided we didn't need any of the classes... and our baby is happy, healthy, and 'perfect' according to our pedi from lakeview pediatrics :)

  • If you don't want to spend the money on all of the classes (although I liked them and would recommend them), I would still take infant CPR- it would be non-negotiable for me, no matter the cost.
  • My husband and I were actually disappointed in the Infant/CPR class.  For the same price that Northwestern charges you can take a course from the American Heart Association to become infant/child/adult CPR and Choking certified.

    Our instructor didn't even watch both partners to ensure we had the technique correct on the dummies.  Granted it is informative, but I would have rather been tested to know that everything I was doing was correct, and received the certification.

     Infant basic care and the pediatrician courses were useful, taking GE and BF in the coming weeks.

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