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I am so in love

...with my son. I remember when Ada was about 5 months old, Monica posted something similar. At the time, I was going through the throes of colic and having a hard time making it through the day without losing it. Sure, I still loved him then. But, now it's just different. Now he has his own little personality, his own adorable smile, his own precious cackle.

Jace is not a terribly easy baby. He's really strong willed and fiesty. But, I have learned to appreciate his spunk. John and I can't even spell "laid back" so it's no surprise that Jace isn't exactly doing baby yoga.

I've just been feeling so overwhelmed with love for this little boy in the past few months. He has the biggest smile on his face when he wakes up each morning. Even when he's fighting sleep and screeching and crying, he's still the love of my life and I am learning to just smile at him and kiss him as he blows out my eardrums. I am so grateful for my son and cherish every moment with him.

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    I remember how you struggled and it does my heart so much good to hear how much you love little Jace.

    FWIW, I feel the same way. My Mikey's gone through his prickly periods, but I am so madly, stupidly in love with him it feels like my heart's gonna explode.

    Hooray for the loves of our lives!!! Hooray for our little dudes!!!

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    I am going to chime in about our little boys.

    I cried in Matty's nursery the other night thinking about the time in the future he is not going to want me when he is upset or he is not going to want to hug me because he is too big. Part of me wants him to be little forever.

    While I am so sad that the baby stage is ending I am so looking forward to learning more about the little boy he is becoming. 

  • Just wait you guys ...it's about to get really fun and even more amazing! The past few months have been so incredible watching him become a full on little boy!!
  • I love it that you are feeling this. It's amazing, isn't it?
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  • Last night I was looking through pictures from when he was born and his first month, and actually got teary eyed thinking of how much he's changed already and how much more I love him every day! Every time he smiles at me I melt a little more inside...
  • Jen, I totally teared up reading your post.  I am so glad for you and your gorgeous baby boy.

    And, Amy, I know what you mean about looking forward to boyhood will mourning infancy. You want your baby to grow and evolve and will miss the baby stage (especially us 'one and dones') and it's a bittersweet time.

    I still rock Aaron to nap in the early morning. Perhaps a mistake, but it's my time to snuggle and feel his little body against mine. I get teary when I think of losing that?and soon, probably. But my heart explodes with love whenever I look at him. Even though he exhausts me (he's a bundle of energy) he fills me with joy.


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  • I love that we are all experiencing this together. Whoever said that they love so much they feel their heart could explode is exactly how I feel. I am just overwhelmed (in a good way, a very good way!).

    Love you girls!

  • OMG, I am tearing up here reading all your wonderful posts. The love in this thread is palpable!!!
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  • Jen,


    It makes me so happy to read this. Not that I ever thought you weren't in love with Jace, but I remember how you struggled early and am really happy that you are enjoying everything now.



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  • Wow does this thread bring tears to my eyes!

    I knew I would love to be a mom, but I honestly never even came close to even imagining this completely overwhelming feeling of love I have for this little person. Words just can't describe it.

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  • Crying  I love everything about this post!!! 
  • OMGosh - It's way too early to be crying like this!  LOL

    Jen, I am so happy for you, we all love our children in SO many ways and it takes us all different times to really realize the level of love we have for them.  Even though I have a Mr. Mischief on my hands, this little boy has made me laugh like no other person I have ever known.  He is silly, loving, caring, snuggly and just so adorable.  I knew I wanted children, but I had NO idea I would ever feel THIS way about him. I am so glad for all of us that we feel this way.

    Great post...  :o)

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    Just wait you guys ...it's about to get really fun and even more amazing! The past few months have been so incredible watching him become a full on little boy!!

    I am so glad to hear this because like Jen and everyone here I am so in love with the LO that I can not even imagine the day he don't want to be in my arms.

    Great post Jen! I was crying too.

  • What a great thread!!!   I have come a long way from those first few weeks, where I really felt like I wanted to send Brenna back! :)  I still have days now where I feel overwhelmed by her constant changes and like I can't keep up sometimes.   But the way I feel for her now is SOOOO different from before and everyday I fall more in love her. 

    Quick story - a good friend was asking me before I got married if I thought we'd have kids.  At that point, I really didn't know but was really leaning towards not.   My friend basically said "there is no greater lover than a mother has for her child."...to which I basically rolled my eyes....she then said "think about how much you love your mother"....I thought about it and I love my mother more than words can say and then my friend said "your mother loves you 10 times more than that". 

    I have never forgotten that and now know that it is SO true.


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  • Aww, Jen, I'm all weepy!

    I totally agree, and I am so happy Jace is a crazy little joy for you now!  

    There's a comic strip I love.  It can be really sappy, and sometimes it misses the mark... and it isn't all that good anymore now that the original cartoonist isn't doing it...  but if you can find early collections of the comic strip "Rose is Rose" by Pat Brady (not Dan Wimmer) I find it a great take on parenthood and being a mom. 

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