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Greensboro Pediatricians...suggestions?

I am starting to look for a pediatrician, but have no idea where to start.  We just moved to the Greensboro area 3 months ago.  I have some time...not due until October, but I'd still like to get a head start.  Anyone have any suggestions?

Re: Greensboro Pediatricians...suggestions?

  • Do you have any neighbors you can ask, ones who you trust to have similar priorities to yours?
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  • my sister in law and my best friend use forsyth peds kernersville and LOVE the practice.  Best Friend lives in greensboro near friendly center and drives all the way to k-ville just for that practice!
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  • We see Dr. Dees (who can be tough to get an appointment with at first but we make ours in advance) at Northwest Pediatrics off Horse Penn Creek and I can't say enough good things about her.  Love her to pieces!
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