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1st tri screening results

I got my 1st tri blood screening results back today.  Everything at the NT Scan last week looked great.  My risk of Trisomy 18 is 1 in 10,000.

My risk of downs syndrome before screnning just based on age (I'm 36) is 1 in 120 or a .8% chance.

Based upon my NT scan and the blood work my risk of downs syndrome is 1 in 145 or a .68% chance.  This is considered positive. It's my blood work that threw the red flag.  My HCG was high ( + marker) , but my PAPP-A was normal.  In order to be considered negative I needed the risk to be 1 in 220 or a .45% chance.  I know the chance of having a healthy baby is 99.32%, but I just wanted to hear "negative".  I really just wanted something to come through easily with this pregnancy.  I don't think that's too much to ask.  Ugh.

So now we have to decide if we do further testing or just wait it out.  CVS?  Amnio?  I'm sure we'll probably have to do one to find out for sure.  This is such a ridiculious numbers game and I knew that going in to it since I've had friends with false positives AND false negatives and actually considered cancelling the tests.  Ugh, again.

I wish DH was home. 

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Re: 1st tri screening results

  • smileesmilee member

    I am sorry, honey.  It is all so stressful.  Good luck deciding what you will do.

    Hang in there. 

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  • I hate that all IF girls don't get free passes to worry-free pregnancies. I'm so sorry that you even have to make any decisions about this - especially with a 99.32% chance that everything is fine.


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  • I am so sorry. (((HUGS)))
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  • Wow, you got your results so fast!  (I was just thinking that I don't expect mine until maybe Monday.)   And yet...Argh.  I kind of assumed that if your blood results made your odds better than those based on age alone, that that would be considered negative.  Guess not.  Is the 1 in 220 thing a general rule or do they adjust that threshhold based on age as well?  I'm 34 but will be 35 when I deliver -- the 35 y.o. odds are 1 in 300-something.

    Gosh, that is frustrating.  Obviously it's better than getting significantly worse odds, but in that case, it would be clearer to do the additional testing.  In this case, I don't know what I'd do...  I find the increased chance of m/c scary but so is not knowing for sure.  I'm sorry you're facing this decision.

  • ugh, I'm so sorry you're dealing with this!!!    (((HUG)))  good luck making a decision about next steps.   
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  • I'm sorry you got mixed test results. You do deserve a free pass after all you've been through. Good luck with your decision on additional testing. Thoughts, prayers, and ((hugs)).
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  • Oh, honey. I'm so sorry. I agree, why can't it just be simple. I am doing mine on July 13th and have all the same fears. I don't think we will do further testing. I am so scared about the risk of miscarriage as far as we have come. I know that is probably not the right thing to do if we get a positive but the thought of that needle in my belly really scares me. My husband is gone 50% of the time too. Did you get your results the same day?
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  • imagecrystalgirl:

      Is the 1 in 220 thing a general rule or do they adjust that threshhold based on age as well? 

    Good question. I'm not sure.  I will call them again this AM and see if the lost twin could have messed with the HCG results and I'll add that question to my list.  I also need to get the exact numbers because one of my sorority sisters is an MFM and I want to run this past her and get her insight even though I'm not her patient. 

    DH and I talked about this at length last night and we will probably NOT go for an amnio or CVS.  We'll see what the level II u/s reveals and take it from there.  Honestly, the main reason I want to know is to see if we need specialists lined up shortly after delivery to address heart or stomach issues as those are typically the 2 physical complications that need to be addressed immediately after birth. 

    I hope Monday brings you great news!

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  • Sounds like you have a plan that both you and DH are comfortable with. Good luck at the level II ultrasound.
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  • good luck with your decision....I wouldn't do a CVS because you can wait to find out the risk at an amnio (yes people get these without thinking of terminating, just for more info).  CVS is a higher m/c rate even with the best drs.  Find out the rate of the peri/MFM who would do it.

    I probably wouldn't do it if the baby's neck looked fine, etc.


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