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New to the Local Boards w/Question

Hi Girls!  I have been posting on The Nest for some time now but just recently discovered the local boards.  I have been lurking a little bit and you girls seem great.  I am planning to stay home for at least the first year, but hopefully longer than that.  I was hoping to find another baby to watch during the day to bring in a little extra money.  Is it appropriate to post something here in regards to this or is that frowned upon?  TIA!  

Re: New to the Local Boards w/Question

  • I think it would be considered advertising and be against the bump's terms of service. I don't know where you are but if you're in the city, I suggest joining the Northside Parent's Network and posting there.
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  • BlondeBeachBride08- That's what I figured.  Thank you for your suggestion about the Northside Parent's Network, we do live in the city but I had never heard of it.  I'm going to go and check them out right now, thanks again!
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  • sschwege - I sent you a private message regarding this post!  Thanks!
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