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New, Cloth Diaper Question.

Hey Ladies, I'm new to the board and I was wondering if anyone is using a cloth diaper service in Bristol County? I can't seem to find any that will service my area. Thanks in advance.


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Re: New, Cloth Diaper Question.

  • There aren't a lot of CD services around that I know of. We're CDing but we'll be doing our own laundry. It's a lot cheaper to do it yourself too.
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  • I plan on CD'ing as well, this is the only service I have found, doesn't look like they cater to the Bristol county, but depending on where you are possibly you could check with them.  I don't know where abouts in Bristol county you are, but I just attended a great free workshop at the Diaper Lab in Somerville yesterday, they are a cloth diaper store, and it was very informative, I got a lot of great information that I didn't have before from doing my own research.  Here's their site as well.  Good Luck : )



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  • One of the workers at the Diaper Lab said there is only 1 diaper service in Massachusetts.  Most people wash their own, I think.

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