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DH accidentally spilled some detergent in the fabric softener well in the washer.  We don't use fabric softener, but I put a little bit of white vinegar in every load, so I use the well.

So I went to clean it out and there is a ton of crap in there.  Mostly mold.  And it's coming out so thick you could mistake it for mushrooms.


I filled it up with super hot water and am letting it sit for a minute to loosen anything else that's still in there before I put it back in the washer.  Gross.


Re: *gag*

  • I could have slept better tonight not knowing this.


  • Yuk!  I can only imagine what's in ours.... I don't use the well at all... and the washer is about 10 years old....  
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  • imagepmarie33:

    I could have slept better tonight not knowing this.

    I bet you'll have nightmares there is mold in yours.

  • We had this exact same thing happen with our old washer. It was included in with the house when we bought our previous house and the rest of the washer looked fine. I never use that well and didn't even know that I could take that whole section out (at least on that washer you could).

    I accidentally knocked the cover for that well off one day and about puked when I saw how much mold had been growing in there. I poured a ton of bleach down it and ran hot cycles but it really didn't help. I ended up scraping it out. Yuck! We moved soon after and were waiting to buy a new washer/dryer until we moved so we could see the space that we would have. Luckily, we moved about a month later and bought a new washer/dryer when we did. 

  • Yeah I was totally not expecting all that nastyness in there.

    The thing that really sucks about this well is that I can't take it apart.  It attaches to the top of the agitator and I can take it off that, but otherwise I can't take it apart.  So I'm basically going at this blind.  I think I'm going to have to locate the downy ball for the vinegar unless I can make sure the inside is clean.

  • Is it bad that I always just pour my vinegar into the load of clothes or diapers. Am I not supposed to do that? LOL
  • It's not bad...but if you put it in at the same time as the detergent, it doesn't do anything.

    The vinegar gets rid of any detergent residue on the clothes, so it's really best if it goes in at the rinse cycle...which is why I always put it in the well.

    I'm just lazy and don't want to have to remember to get up and put it in at the beginning of the rinse cycle.

  • Ahhh, good to know. I don't use it on our clothes too often, but I'll be sure to put it in the well when I do.

    When I use vinegar with our CDs it is in my first cycle that doesn't use detergent so I suppose it wouldn't matter then. Thanks for the info!

  • I am now going to have to work very hard to erase this image from my memory before I go back to bed.
  • OMG, I wish I hadn't read this.  Our washer isn't even a year old so there can't be mold, right?  Ugh.  Maybe I should start leaving our detergent/vinegar/bleach drawer open.  Ick.
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