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So, we bought a tutu for Peyton to wear in her newborn pictures while being draped across daddy's arm (daddy didn't want her being completely naked for something that would be put online lol).  Anyway, I was dumb and washed it and it came apart and got scraggly.  I did everything I could to fix it until I finally caved, went to Hobby Lobby and bought more tulle to fix it.  DH also wanted me to make an OU one and one more since I figured out how easily they're made.  Once I got the stuff though, I realized how much more we paid than we really needed to.  It only costs like $5 per tutu if you make them yourself!  I had a really fun time making it so I thought I'd open an Etsy store to sell them.  The thing is, with the cost of materials, shipping and Etsy fees, I'm not sure what to sell each tutu for.  It only took me about an hour and a half to make the one I just did, so I was thinking time X 7.  That would bring a tutu to $20.50.  Does this defeat the point of trying to not rip people off like I was wanting to do?  It's still only a little over half the price of the one we got but still.....

I just want opinions, of course DH is open to it, it would give me something to do and us a little more money.

Re: Would you?

  • I think and even $20 plus shipping would be a good way to get your foot in the door on Etsy.
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  • I don't know about the tutu, but I think it is hilarious that your DH doesn't want your daughter to take naked newborn pictures either! We JUST had this conversation this week and my DH said the exact same thing.  I guess I am just too naive, bc I never would have thought of that. Glad to have him around to think of these things.

     As far as the tutu's go, I would try for $20.00 even.  You can always adjust the price based on the demand.

     Good luck!

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