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Potty Training

How long should they sit/what to do on the potty?

DS#1 is going to school 3 mornings a week next year, and they tell you to start PT. I was waiting until DS#2 got a little older to start. I just started to put him on the seat today to get him used to it. How long do you keep them on it?  a couple of minutes or longer?

 Also, what do you do on it?  We read books today. Do you do something else? TIA

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Re: How long should they sit/what to do on the potty?

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    I never made DS sit on it longer than 5 minutes (and that was only because it was the first day and I KNEW he had to pee).  After that it was do your business and get off.  I have a friend that makes her kids sit on the potty for 15-20 minutes at a time and wonders why they won't/don't want to PT.
  • I only have my DD sit long enough to pee, which she does right away. If she needs to sit longer to poop she will tell us and if she is not done she will say more. We usually read a book on the potty, but sometimes she ask to watch her potty training DVDs. We don't make her sit for the whole DVD, but sometimes she will.

    We have three potty training DVDs

    Elmo Potty Time-she loved this one initially at 19 months, now at 25 months she is not interested in it.

    Potty Train - this one teaches them sign language for potty training. She liked this one initally then stopped liking it and recently request it again. My DD can talk very well, but still like to sign to us at time. They have a sign for potty, more, all done, and wash hands.

    Go Potty Go -she has loved this one the most. It has alot of cute songs she likes.

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  • Ditto the potty videos and books. She also loves go potty go and recently started liking Potty Power. They are by the same company so they work well together to reinforce in a different way. She will get off the potty yelling I have potty power because I did it all by myself :)
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