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Hi Ladies,


I am moving to NJ in two weeks and am interested in hearing people's opinions on giving birth at Valley and Overlook (especially if you had a c-section).

 I gave birth to my son in New Hampshire at Dartmouth and had such an amazing experiences- even though I had a c-section.

 Specifically, I am looking for a hospital that:

-will have baby back on my chest ASAP after APGAR (My son was back with me in less than 10 mins. even before they finished the c-section)

-pro-rooming in with baby (Dartmouth didn't have a nursery)

-pro breastfeeding/great lactation team

-relaxed visitor policy

 Thanks for your help!


Re: Valley Hospital and Overlook Hosptial

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    I gave birth at Valley, (vag birth) the cord was wrapped around my son's neck unfortunately DH couldn't cut the cord, even with that baby was back on my chest very shortly (wasn't watching the clock but I would estimate within a few minutes).  I gave birth right before midnight (after 30 hrs of labor) so they did encourge LO to be in the nursery the first night and just came in and woke me to feed him.  The remainder of the time LO was mostly in my room (other than routine weigh in and assessments as required and most moms kept LO's in their room overnight as well as most of the day.  (if you go to valley I recommend paying the little bit extra for a private room so your husband or significant other can sleep overnight).  No restrictions on the number of visitors, the hours were pretty wide (i think 8 am to like 8 or 9 pm) and they even allowed our parents to visit post birth (at midnight).  They are pro breastfeeding and you can get the lactation staff to come visit for a one on one or attend one of their daily breastfeeding classes.  Definately was very happy with my experience - the nurses are great
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    My aunt had all three of her children at Valley.  She had a great experience there.  Everyone was very attentive and she felt they prepared extrememly well to go home.  Her lactation specialist was available throughout her time there. They also loaded her up with a bunch of free goodies (formulas, diaper bags etc) too, which is always great :)  As a vistor, I felt that the nurses were amazing and it was a very comfortable/home type of envirnoment.  I'm 7 weeks and I have the same OB she does and I'm seriously considering Valley, its just further then Hackensack (the other hospital my OB works out of).  Most hospital let you schedule a tour to visit the maternity ward prior to giving birth, to help you decide.  Good luck!
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    I don't know anything about Overlook. But Valley has all that you are looking for. They also have a holistic birthing program
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    I had my daughters at Valley and I cannot say enough about that place! The staff was amazing! I had a c-section at 33weeks and my daughters spent a month in the NICU. The NICU staff went above and beyond for me and my needs. The lactation consultants were great as well.
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