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maternity leave question


 i know questions like this are asked all the time, but my HR rep is confusing so i want to make sure i can understand.

So FMLA gives me 12 weeks unpaid, but i have enough vacation/sick that i will get paid during that time

some woman have said they have used STD for either 8 weeks or 4 before 6 after, etc.  how does this work?  my hr didnt explain std so I dont know if i can use it.

after my 12 weeks of fmla, i was planning to use the FLI for 6 weeks at a portion of my salary. 

am i off??


Re: maternity leave question

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    you can use the STD for 6 weeks following birth for a vaginal delivery and 8 weeks for a c/s. It is concurrent with the FMLA.

    You understand the rest of it fine.

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    I think you have it right.  For me, the order goes like this --- 

    using 40 sick days -- full pay   -- at the same time I'm getting paid 6 weeks of disability.

    12 weeks FMLA - unpaid with benefits

    6 weeks NJ - paid


    I guess you can use sick days during the 12 week FMLA  - but I want to extend it as long as possible.   GOod luck 

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    maternity leave is  confusing as he##.

    this is  what I  ended up  with:

    4 weeks  before from std which is 2/3 pay. you can not add this on  to your  6 weeks it's either you  take  it  or  you  don't. ( the  catch here is that I went 10 days  past my due date  and  still received $)

    had a  vaginal  delivery so 6 weeks- again 2/3 pay  from std. would  be  8  for c-section.

    during the  last week of std received a letter asking if I  wish to ise my  FLI. it says  you  must  give your employer  30 days  notice  that  you  are  going to  use it. you  do  not have to use all 6 weeks  consecutively,  but  you  must give  your employer the  proper notice for  each  time.  for  example you  can  use  2  weeks  now,  another 2  weeks  in 2 months, and another 2 weeks in  another 2  months. its  6 weeks  to  bond  with  your  child  in the  first 12 months of  life.  you  qualify  once  a  year  for this,  not  every  2  like  fmla.Also,  lets  say  you  return  to work  part time,  you  can  still use FLI to make  up  the  difference of your  salary of  part time to full time  for    weeks.

    ok,  so I  didn't  qualify  for  FMLA since I  was employed less than one  year. But  FMLA  does  not  provide $.  it's allowing you  job  protection.  Your  position will be  there when  you  return. I'm  pretty  sure it  runs  concurrently with FLI,  so  if you  took  fmla you  would  receive $  for 6 of the 12 weeks. 

    As  far as vacation/sick  pay-  That  is  up  to your  employer's  discretion.  You  can't  receive pay  from  your  employer and  pay  from  the  state  for  the  same  time   period. Lets  say  you  want the 6 weeks  postpartum of std,  you  can't  receive  payment from your vacation/sick pay  for those  6 weeks. otherwise  you  would  be  making 165% of  your salary. I  mean  you  can  try to do  it,  but  you  sign something saying you  are not receiving any other money and  if the  state  finds out you  are you  get a $ 250 fine  for  each offense,

    oh and  all  this is  if your  employer  doesn't have  private disability for its  employees.






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    suga is 100% correct for me, as well... i'm taking:

    (we have 50+ employees and finding out the rules in nj is yes, hella crazy!)

    4 wks prior to birth PAID (last day is this friday) 2/3

    6 weeks post birth PAID (assuming vaginally) 2/3

    6 weeks after that for FLI (i've already given them notice I plan to do this so i don't forget later) PAID 2/3

     note:  if you take more than 12 wks total (consecutively), your job is NOT secured...  guess that's why some people don't take the up-to-4-wks before birth... or why they don't take all of the up-to-6-wks FLI (and why they break it up throughout the year)

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