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Poopy Diapers - 3 Week Old

How many poopy diapers should a 3 week old have?  She did have 5-6/day and a few days ago she suddenly went to 1 or 2.  Is that normal?  I'm calling the pedi tomorrow, but just wondered what everyone else thought.

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    There were days when my DD would go with every feeding and days where she would only go 2 or 3 times.  I would hate those days because I knew she would have gushers the next few days to catch up.  For my LO this was and still is her normal.  Hope that helps!

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  • Slowly slowing down.  Was 8-9x/day, now down to 4-5x/day.  BF infants range from 3-4/day to once every 2-3 days.  Not something to worry or call about unless the poop is hard/dry.
  • DS started having less poopy diapers around 5 weeks. It started to only be once or twice a day and now he's only going once every three or so days. As long as LO doesn't seem uncomfortable and is having enough wet diapers it should be fine.
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  • Wow! You all change a lot of poopy diapers! LOL. DD poops every 2-3 days! It is just her cycle.
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  • My LO has pooped once a day all along.. sometimes she will go 2 days without pooping! Pedi said it was nothing to worry about.
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  • The same thing has happened with us.  She is only having about 2-3 a day now. 
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  • DD has about one monster poop a day, sometimes more.
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  • My LO only has one every other day and the pedi said it was fine
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