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GTG Saturday July 3rd

Laurelhurst Park! Let's meet for a walk and a picnic, and then spend some time on the baby swings! I'm flexible on time...say 11 am ish?
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Re: GTG Saturday July 3rd

  • Sounds fun! We'll be there!
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  • Yay!! This will be fun! And hopefully it will actually be sunny by then ; )
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  • Damn. I will be in Bend. Habe fun ladies!!
  • Dang I will be in bend visiting my sister.  I would love to go to the next one though!!! Have a fun weekend!
  • That is 5 days before my EDD and DH and I plan on spending the long weekend together  :o)  Maybe next month I will be able to make it with baby too!
  • DH has that Weds-Tues off so we're going to Newport til Friday night and possibly Mult Falls or Bend after that. So I don't think we'll be in town. If we are, I'm totally in. 
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  • boo I have to work.  Someone's gotta pay for my kid's diapers :)  Sounds like fun though, keep em comin!
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