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Work Question- Need Opinions

So I have been really overheated at work lately. They refuse to turn the air just a little colder for me. Today I wore a knee length dress that is sleeveless. When I walked in the door, my boss said, "Oh wow, are you going to be warm enough today?" I've seen other people wear sleeveless dresses before so I didn't think it would be a big deal. Was this her passive-aggressive way of telling me that I am dressed inapropriatelpy? What am I supposed to do? They won't turn the air down and I can't dress in a way that makes it better.  ugh!!!!


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Re: Work Question- Need Opinions

  • If they aren't willing to cool things down a little for you, your only other option is dressing a little cooler and it doesn't seem like your doing that in an inappropriate way. Maybe your boss is genuinely concerned that you'll get chilly, you know how some people like to fuss over pregnant gals! Do you work in an environment where you can surround yourself with some fans? Good luck keeping cool!
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