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Flagyl and Macrobid prescribed at the same time!!!

I was at the Docs. yesterday and I was prescribed Flagyl for Bacterial Vaginosis and Macrobid for an Urinary Track Infection. I have to take both pills twice a day for seven days. I am soo terified because I am afraid that they might harm the baby in any way. I am 32 weeks prego and I am at high risk of preterm labor if I dont take the medicine, but I am afraid that the meds mixing together could be just as bad. Has anyone taken one of the drugs or maybe both like I had to and did anything happen to the fetus? Any advice? I dont want to harm my babySad

Re: Flagyl and Macrobid prescribed at the same time!!!

  • I took Macrobid for 7 days around the same time of pregnancy that you are in. My baby seems to be doing great, but I will admit that the Macrobid made me feel horrible and very sick. My stomach hated the stuff. I've heard that most people don't tolerate it very well. Make sure you take it on a full stomach. To be honest, I think I would ask for another antibiotic next time because I hated it so much but it very well could just be the way my body reacted to it. I was told the reason why macrobid is routinely prescribed is because it specifically targets the urinary tract so that the antibiotic does not have as much effect on the rest of the body (and therefore the baby).

    I would not worry about taking both drugs simultaneously as they are for different things and target different problems.  Also, once you are in your third trimester you are much less likely to harm your baby. The risks associated with having a UTI or vaginosis are much greater than the risks associated with taking an antibiotic. Best of luck to you!

  • These are both safe antibiotics during pregnancy. AND your OB would not prescribe anything that would hurt your baby. And if they did its a risk to their license and smart doctors don't risk their livelihood. I have taken Macrobid in the first tri for a UTI, just make sure you eat before you take the med b/c its rough on your tummy,


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  • As an aside--you can always ask your pharmacist about things like this. Your concerns are valid, and your pharmacist is a great resource for reviewing what the doctor has prescribed in connection with your current health conditions and any other medications you take. Good luck and I hope you feel better.
  • I took Macrobid for BV at 34 weeks.  It didn't work though so now I am on Metronidazol.  My Ob told me that BV and UTI's are way worse than what any antibiotic could do at this point since both illnesses can cause labor. 
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