Update on contractions

My OB checked my cervix and its close and the kiddies are doing good.  They even kept kicking the heart rate monitor while she was checking them. She told me they were mostlikely just BH, but if it continues to go directly to L&D.  She said you never know with twins, one minute your cervix is closed and the next it's open.  So she told me to take the rest of today and tomorrow off and just relax at home.  Also to take it easy the rest of the weekend.  If Monday comes along and I am still feeling off, then call her again.

 Thanks for all the T&P ladies.  I am going to go lie down now.


Re: Update on contractions

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    So glad everything is okay.  Now, go take care of YOU!  : )


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    Glad to hear all is well so far!
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    Just saw your posts . . . so glad to hear everything is ok, and great news that you're not dilating. I know the BH are annoying, but hopefully they're just a product of a growing uterus, and will calm down over the weekend. 

    Keep us updated! Thinking of you! 

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    Thank you guys.  BH are really annoying.

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