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ok i do have irregular periods & i think that with the hormones i got in the ER helped me regulate it. But regardless of the fact no matter what happens i still get irregular periods. :(

my question is ... will i ever be able to get pregnant? im scared that with my irregular periods i will never be able to concieve :(




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    You could try following the fertility awareness method by reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler or using a fertility monitor like the one made by Clearblue easy.  Either of these methods will help you determine when you are ovulating and, therefore, when you can get pregnant.
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    I had extremely irregular periods and I got pregnant on Clomid.  Talk to your OB about your options.  I was regularly monitoring my ovulation for almost a year but I wouldn't ovulate some months and others I wouldn't ovulate until CD40!  I'd have anywhere from 32-65 day cycles.  Let's just say it was extremely frustrating and expensive (I would get digital ovulation kits for fear of miss reading the other ones, there is such a slight distinct from positive to negative).  However, I am 7 weeks along after one round on Clomid.  Good Luck!
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