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Floating the river??

Has anyone ever floated the river pregnant or nonpregnant? My best friend is doing her bachalorette party that way and it is 2 days of floating the river here in Ok. I will be about 29 wks when we do this. Is this something that yall would recomend doing pregnant or would it be to much? I have never floated any river I know there are no rapids but just curious on yalls thoughts and opinions.

Re: Floating the river??

  • I was actually wondering this same thing the other day!  I usually go floating every year in Tahlequah.  Although I'm not pregnant yet, we are TTC and don't know whether we should go ahead and plan the trip this year.  Although I doubt anything bad would happen, my gut is telling me to pass this year....just in case!  Maybe you should ask your doctor?
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  • I'm originally from California, where we ignore our rivers and go straight for the ocean.  What is floating the river?
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  • To start off, I'll let you know I'm not a big fan of floating the river non-pregnant, but I'd say no.  You sit in a canoe or raft all day long in the hot, hot sun.  Granted, you can pee in the river anytime you want (eww, but that's what lots of people do), but you'd also have to worry about dehydration.  Personally, I like my air cond. house and fridge full of beverages.  Just remember it's 95 degrees out with an 80% humidity right now - it only gets hotter from here.  If you take lots of sunscreen, a hat, and a cooler full of water bottles you might be fine though.  It depends if you like that kind of thing to start with (I like camping, but not floating.)  Also, FYI-  That time of year the river is low sometimes and you get to carry your canoe/raft over the low parts and do some walking instead of floating.  And if you're going for two days, you get to CAMP pregnant.
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  • Wow...You made that sound sooo not fun!!!lol Thanks for the input though. There is three of us prego so we may just stay at the cabin while they float and we find something to do!
  • Ah, a cabin with other pregnant women would be fun!  Yeah, I hate floating!  I'm fair and blonde though, so I always end up sun-sick in the end.  You should go if other pregnant people are going!
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  • I've done 2 float trips down the Illinois in the last 2 weeks.  I am fine (14wks) and the baby is fine.  Go have fun....just make sure to drink lots of water, take lots of snacks, and stay in the cool water!.  We did the 6 mile trip both times and were only on the water for about 3 hours. It's not a big deal.... 
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  • it would depend on what river. the illinois is very calm and relaxing, we will actually be floating it this weekend. just take extra care not to get too hot. as long as your physician says there is no problem it should be ok.

  • My mom floated the river when she was pregnant with my sister and they ended up hitting the side of the river and she almost lost my sister.  It probably depends on the river and your experience, but I wouldn't risk it. JMO
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