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Share Your Doula Experience? (XP with Sept board)

Curious what your good or bad experiences with doulas have been like, and if you wish you did or did have one at your birth. I'm looking into a labor doula because while I plan to deliver @ Adventist (thought about a home birth but I live in an apartment), I'm not totally comfortable with it. I am pretty sure I do want a natural birth and the nurses on my tour seemed way too comfortable with the idea of elective c-sections and procedures for my taste. I love my OB and plan to talk to her at length at my next visit, but I would like an extra person advocating for my wishes. (I'll admit, a big part of wanting a doula was watching The Business of Being Born, which made me want to change my whole birth plan, basically.)
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Re: Share Your Doula Experience? (XP with Sept board)

  • We used Stacey M at Mother Tree.

    We were also aiming for a birth with as few interventions as possible.  Stacey was a great advocate for us.  I labored for 35 hours, and she made sure to chat with the new nurses at every shift change.  Stacey taking on the advocate role meant that my husband and I could continue to focus on the birth.  She talked things through with us when things didn't go as planned and we had to go a different direction.  Also, she and my doctor worked amazingly well together.  I can look back and know that even though I wasn't able to follow my exact desired route, I made the right decision at each step along the way.

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