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I got the book "The baby sleeps tonight" and skimmed it tonight.  She recommends doing the last feeding at midnight and skipping the 3 am feeding by comforting for 15 minutes and keep bumping it up.

We have been doing our last feeding at 9:30 and the boys have been going till 2ish.  Would you start doing a midnight again with the eventual goal that they go midnight- 6 am.  Once they reach that she recommends bumping up the midnight 15 minutes earlier until you're at their desired bedtime.

It all makes sense to me but I'm worried to mess with their schedule- what did you do?

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    We fed our boys on a 3 hour schedule round the clock due to them being premature and once they hit a certain weight (12 Lbs??) our dr. told us not to wake them up anymore at night.  We realized that we were always waking up one baby so I was "assigned" to one baby and my husband took the other, so we each fed our own baby at night.  My husband may have fed his baby at 3am, but my baby slept until 5am and eventually they both just slept through the night. (that was about 4 months or so).  Hope that helps and isn't too confusing :)
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    janjagjanjag member

    haven't read the book, but sounds like she is recommending a "dream feed".  the hope is to have the long stretch be during the second chunk of sleep rather than the first.

    we let ours naturally develop longer stretches right after that last feeding the way you've been doing, at around 9:30.  as they got older the bedtime moved earlier, but the sleep stretches kept getting longer. 

    there are so many sleep experts!  all that really matters is what works for YOUR babies.  you can try holding them off 15 min - but just keep in mind they are still very young.  GL!

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    Yeah I just didn't know if it would be easier to try and get their longer stretch after the 12:30 instead of after the 9:30.  It doesn't really matter for us I just wanted to do what would be best to prepare for STTN.

    We had been feeding every 3 hours but the pedi said their weights were high off enough now that we could let them wake us during the night.  When one wakes we wake the other.

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