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Opinions, especially if you know about reflux

Yesterday someone took my happy baby and replaced her with a screaming mess. She wouldn't sleep at all, or really do anything that wasn't eat or scream. By the end of the day I became convinced she has reflux as she started spitting up her feeding when we laid her down. Other symptoms she is having include arching her back while screaming, tons of hiccups, wheezing during and after eating, eating less, and of course the screaming and spit up when she lies down. After I put all this together I put her in her swing, not moving to sleep, and she slept for the first time all day (at about midnight last night). She seems to be feeling better as long as she is sitting in it but still is eating less. I am calling the pedi in the morning but wanted to see if this sounded like reflux to anyone else? Sorry for the massive run on, I'm on my phone.

Re: Opinions, especially if you know about reflux

  • #1-- LOVE that sig pic.

    #2-- Sounds like it could be reflux, esp since she feels better sitting up. Are you nursing her or FFing her? Have you tried cutting out dairy? How are her poops? 

  • I am nursing her. I am lactose intollerant so I don't eat dairy except some cheese here and there.
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  • You might also want to cut out caffine.  My DD cannot tolerate it and would scream and not sleep for the rest of the afternoon.  She also has reflux and was showing the same symptoms.  Her Dr. put her on Zantac, but the wheezing still continued.  It kept me up at night so we switched to Prevacid and it is a little better.  She also rarely vomits on it. 

  • This sounds like my experience with reflux.  He would projectile vomit after each feeding and was such an unhappy baby.  He slept in his car seat for the first 4 months of life, per our pediatrician.  We also put him on Prevacid and  that was like a miracle. 

    Definitely call the pedi and have them explore some options with you.  So long as Luke was upright and took his Prevacid life was good. I also had to cut out caffeine (that includes chocolate).

    I hope your little one feels better!

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  • Thanks ladies. She is still pooping and peeing well, and I haven't had caffine since I had her so I don't think that is it, although good to know it may be worse if I tried it.
  • I would definitely call the pedi tomorrow morning.  Seth has reflux and is on Zantac.  I had to cut out all dairy, caffeine, and carbonated beverages from my diet in order to keep BFing.  Seth takes all of his naps in his swing, because he is so much more comfortable that way.  Another thing that helps is wearing him in the Moby and carrying him around that way.

    Let me know if you have any other questions!

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  • What symptoms was Seth having?
  • Seth was having projectile spit up from his nose and mouth, arching his back during and after feedings, kicking his legs and screaming a lot, spitting up and screaming when lying on his back. He was also spitting up a lot of currdled partially digested milk buy that stoppe. When I got rid of the dairy. Seth was still peeing and pooping and gaining weight fine but was miserable. He rarely napped. He still spits up a lot with the Zantac but he is not in pain when he does. He also naps a lot better now.
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  • Thanks. That sounds exactly like Lila minus the projectile part.
  • Haven't been on this board in a while but I noticed your post. It definitely sounds like it could be reflux. You mentioned that she fell asleep in her swing....DD sleeps in this It really works well for babies with reflux because the slight incline.  GL and I  hope your LO feels better!
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  • My niece slept in her bouncy chair for the first 5 months, helped with the gas and spitting up.
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