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Has anyone else had bad experiences with this OB group? I'm at 32 weeks and am considering changing, but that seems like it might be challenging to do. This comes on the heels of an appointment I had yesterday during which time one of the doctors confused me with another patient. And, the patient she confused me with was only 10 weeks pregnant. I'm obviously 32 weeks pregnant and have a big belly! She didn't even bother to look at me when she introduced herself and had the wrong chart...it took her five minutes to figure out I was the wrong person (after she asked me a series of first trimester questions, asked if my due date was in January, etc.). Even after I told her my due date was not in January, she continued to look through the chart, appearing all confused. I had to ask her, "Do you have the correct patient chart?" She then apologized but proceeded to tell me how overworked she had been in the past few days, once I pointed out her error. It just seems concerning to me that this practice is always running late and the doctors are all in a gigantic rush...do I really want these people delivering my baby? Their bedside manner hasn't been great, either.

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  • I make my appointments in advance so that I see my regular OB every time!

    I would have been ticked off if I was you as well. 

    I was given some mis-information by the nurse practitioner I was initially given she wasn't gracious in correcting a huge error............. I got rid of her!!

     If I were you I would contact the director of the practice and let them know how you feel. I remember someone posted a while back that they left a Northwestern Practice because they felt like Cattle in the Herd.

    good luck

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  • Hey -

    Not sure if you mean the Chicago Women's Health Group out of Northwestern at 211 Chicago Ave. I'm only ten weeks, but I'm really liking them so far. My OB is Dr. Brenda Onia. She has an excellent bedside manner and always takes the time to answer my questions. The nurses seem nice. The receptionists are rude, but that seems to be a problem everywhere.

    In any case, I highly recommend the practice.

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  • OH goodness, until I read your post I had COMPLETELY forgotten that when I was patient w/ the Women's Group they had the wrong chart for me too at one appointment!  The doctor came in and talked to me, did an exam, wrote a bunch of stuff in the chart and then gave it to me when she left the room to bring to the front.  That's when I realized it wasn't my name on the chart!  I was really frustrated at the time, but that is not the reason I left the practice. 

    I left because I wanted an unmedicated birth and while they told me they were supportive of this decision, I had a feeling that not many of the doctors in this group were on board with it.  Not to freak you out, but one of the doctors told me that she does an episiotimy 99% of the time with first time moms.  This is what put up the red flag for me, and honestly, with the labor that I had I can say with 100% certainty that they would've sent me for an emergency c-section if they had been my doctors.

    I do know a couple people that have been happy with them.  They just weren't the right fit for me.  If you are uncomfortable with them you should try calling around first thing monday morning to see if a different practice would agree to take you on as a patient.  I switched over to midwives group - https://www.nmpg.com/default.aspx?article=ob-gyn_physicians.xml.  Loved all of the midwives and would definitely recommend them.  You don't have to want an unmedicated birth to go with them, they do births for moms that want epidurals as well.  Good luck!! 

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  • Sorry you're having a bad experience.  Just wanted to put in my two cents since I had a good experience with them.  I do agree that they are always running late and I did find that annoying, but I never felt like I received bad care or that the doctors didn't take the time to answer my questions during my appointment.  I was a very paranoid pregnant lady too and called there numerous times with various concerns and questions.  My calls were always returned promptly and my concerns were taken seriously.  I never felt belittled or stupid for calling.  There was one dr. in particular though who I did not mesh with and for sure did not want her delivering my baby.  Guess what?  She did deliver my baby and was amazing in the delivery room!  Completely different than the opinion I had formed of her when I met her at a 10 minute appointment.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this practice to anyone. 
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  • did not care for them. i posted before my negative experience there. found out i was pregnant in that office. nurse took my urine. the doc never even came back to congratulate me. nothing. then when i had a miscarriage-same pregnancy, the doc took TWO days of me calling HER to even address it. again, found out i had the miscarriage in the office! wtf. i never felt so like as someone said "a cattle in a herd". ironically, two people i know LOVE their docs there. i hated my doc's bedside manner. it's not true that everywhere you go the receptions are rude. i am in evanston now, and i love the staff, the nurses and the docs. yes, the docs always seem like they are in a rush. i would've gone to a midwife 100x over this pregnancy, but since i had a neg. exp. with my first pregnancy, just thought it would be "safer" to see a doc the second time around. best of luck. i know how frustrating it can be to find the right doc. 
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    Thanks, everyone. I think that I'm going to try to switch (thanks to the poster who sent the link to the midwives group). I'm trying for an unmedicated birth and I've sensed that they're not entirely on board. They had a snarky reaction (two of the OBs) when I told them I was getting a doula and even asked me, "Isn't your husband enough?" I just hope a new group is able to take my case at 32 weeks (that it is even possible).
  • JJ1973 - I just sent you a PM.  Let me know if you don't get it b/c I've had problems sending PM's in the past! 
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  • I am 30 weeks and am a patient at the Women's Group.  While the doctors are generally running late, I have yet to visit a member of the medical profession who takes you on time.  Fortunately my waits have not been too terrible.  I have been fairly happy with my experience so far.  Since this is my first baby, I cannot compare my experience here with another doctor or group.  However, if you are not comfortable with the group, you should definitely switch.
  • I had the SAME experience as egsquared.  I really really like my OB -- I had the same feeling about 1 dr and it ended up being the one to delivery my baby and she was FANTASTIC.  I called all the time with "silly" questions since it was my first pregnancy and I always got prompt and helpful answers!
  • No experience with that group but I go to Lakeshore OB/GYN - they are fantastic!  I find they are almost always on time and have really liked each dr I've met so far.  (Since it is a group practice and they won't know who will be on call when you deilver, they start rotating you so that you get to know each doc.)
  • I just delivered with the women's group and am very happy with them.  The last 3 weeks of pregnancy, things got complicated and they were very good about getting me NSTs everyday when needed and getting me in for ultrasounds, never waiting more than 15 minutes, though unplanned.  I was nine days late and they finally induced me.  During labor, the baby hadn't dropped and his heart rate plummetted.  I had both Dr. Murthy and Dr. Levitt checking on me and monitoring me.  When I made the decision for the c-section, Dr. Levitt had me in the OR in 10 minutes.  My surgery went great, I had very little pain (I am 12 days out) and the baby was perfect.  Also, the aftercare in the hospital was good.  They checked in on me daily.

    I do know one of the dr's dad died recently, as a result everyone was working like crazy to make up for her patient load.

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