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Britax Vs. Chicco ?

I keep going back and forth between the britax chaperone infant car seat and stroller, and the Chicco keyfit 30 travel system. Any thoughts from moms who already own these? Likes/Dislikes? Also, for the britax I am looking at the Moonstone pattern and for the Chicco, the Adventure pattern. If you have either of these, do they look any different in person than online? Any pics? Any help would be appreciated. ( also, money isn't an issue ).

Re: Britax Vs. Chicco ?

  • I don't think you can go wrong with either seat.  However I would recommend that you look at strollers beyond just the ones that come as official travel systems.  The stroller that I got as part of my travel system still looks brand new, it didn't really work out for us the way I had thought.  Or you could just get a snap and go stroller to start out with and figure out what your needs are after the baby comes.  I have 5 strollers, because I bought 2 before I had DS and they ended up not really fitting our needs.

    When it comes to picking a carseat.  Try both of them out in your cars to see what works best.  I also compared the wieght of each seat as well.  The Chicco Key Fit 30 is what I ended up getting and don't regret the choice I made. 

    For a stroller if I had to do it over agian I wish I would of started out with the City Mini and a car seat adapter.  That wasn't really possible at the time, because the Chicco adapter for the City Mini didn't exist then. 

    Have fun shopping and take a trip to a Buy Buy Baby or bigger baby store.  Seeing everything in person really helps.

  • We just got the Chaperone, and it is a BEAST.  I love that it is super safe, but it's really big, even bigger than the Britax Companion infant seat we had with DS.  So that might make a difference.  If you have a smaller vehicle it might not fit.  Make sure you test it, and also that you practice carrying it with some weight in it.  It's HEAVY, but I don't plan to take it out of the car much, since this is my 2nd and I plan to wear DS2 as much as possible so I can have some sort of hand free to hold onto DS1. 

    The Chaperone doesn't fit into many double strollers.  I think the Valco double is the only one that it fits into.  I have the City Mini Double and don't plan on using the car seat with it, just putting DS2 straight into the stroller (since it fully reclines).

    Hope this helps!  Oh, we have the Savannah pattern.  I love Britax fabrics, they are awesome.   They wear and wash well!

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    I don't have either yet, but will probably purchase the Chicco because of the overall safety and fit to vehicle.  I have a friend that has the Chaperone and she pretty much leaves it in the car and just carries the baby around because it is so big.  (They have an SUV too.)
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  • The Britax infant seat is ENORMOUS.
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  • Like pp said- go try them out in your car! You want to make sure they fit properly in the seat and that you can still get the infant carrier in and out without breaking your back. Every car is different and you dont want an infant seat that makes the driver/passenger kiss the dashboard!
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    The Britax infant seat is ENORMOUS.
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  • A friend has the Britax and loves it! While the Chicco gets a better overall rating from Consumer Reports, the Britax has a higher crash protection rating. We tried both the Chicco Keyfit 30 and the Britax Chaperone. The Britax base is huge, but we have an Explorer and had no problem fitting it in the car. To me, the weight of the Britax and Chicco seats were the same. I carried both around the store for awhile and didn't have feel a difference with either of them. We also put both of them in the car and tried removing the seat and replacing it a few times, both were the same for me in that aspect as well. I did feel that the harness straps on the Britax were easier to adjust than the Chicco. We are going with a snap-and-go frame instead of a travel system. That really was what sold us on the Britax. The Britax felt much more secure in the frame than the Chicco did. Really, I think both seats are great and you can't go wrong with either depending on your needs. The biggest thing would be if the Britax will fit safely in your car or not. GL!
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