2nd Trimester

XP: Everything is fine!!!!

I jsut posted this on PAIF but wanted to update y'all too!

I just got back to a computer.

I got to the office and they did a quick u/s on the portable machine.  We saw her heart beating instantly (I honestly don't think my doctor has a doppler at her office - she always just does an u/s).  However, Kate wasn't moving at all so, they put me in one of the rooms with the "big" machines.

We saw her on the better machine and she still wasn't moving.  She is in some weird, transverse like position (head and feet on my left side and her butt is on my right side - she is completely folded over in half) and is running out of room in my small torso.

They got out this weird buzzer and buzzed my belly a few times which she reacted to - my Peri was pleased with that. 

She did a growth scan and Kate is measuring 4 days ahead and weighed in at 2lb8oz.  However, she has a freakin huge head (it measured about 1.5 weeks ahead)!!

So, my doctor thinks it is just a case of a lazy baby, a weird position, and a tiny torso which is limiting her ability to move!

Thank God everything is OK!! 

And thank you all so much for the T&Ps.  I was a mess waiting to hear if she was OK and am so glad that she is.




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