Babies on the Brain

This post is really long and really whiny, sorry.

1.  I HATE my job.  Hate it.  And it's so busy and stressful right now and I don't even know where to begin on the huge stack of shiit that needs to be accomplished, so I am procrastinating instead.  Because my brain is shut. down.

2.  I am tired of migraines.

3.  My mom called last week and complained to me about how busy she is and she can't keep her house clean.  SHE DOESN'T WORK.  My sister had graduation festivities three nights in a row last week, so my mom was exhausted.  She said they were running around constantly.  Really mom?  Try being away from home 12 hours a day, having a 2-y.o. and having to go to freaking PA every other weekend for two months.  Then let me know how tired you are.

4.  Henry was up a lot last night.  He asked me to rock him.  I said no and walked him back to bed, tucked him in and left his room.  What if he never asks me to rock him again?  What if I missed it because I thought I was "sleep training" him or whatever?

Okay, now I am crying.  I need a drink, a cupcake and a nap. 

And a drink, cupcake and nap to whoever got through that.

Re: This post is really long and really whiny, sorry.

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