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Do you have a crochet baby swing "stork pouch" or a crochet cocoon to use as a prop in your newborn photos? I plan on booking you in Oct and am looking at crochet baby beanies but I'm loving the photos of the babies in those swings....

Just wondering :) 

Re: BethKevin_

  • Hey there!  Cocoon yes (see pic...).  I am planning on buying the swinging baby prop soon :o)



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  • Wonderful!! How do you prefer to book newborn sessions? in advance or once the baby is born? i will prob do the maternity/newborn package. 

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  • P.S. the lady i am going to order beanies thru has some swings:

    not sure what kind you are looking for... 

  • Super cute!  Thanks for the link, good price too. 


    Well, if you do maternity, then we'd book everything in advance of course :o)  As far as the newborn session, we just put you down in the calendar for your due date and after you give birth, I work you in hopefully within the first week.  So if you decide to just do the newborn session, get with me about 6 weeks before your due date (just in case you go early) and we'll get it all set up!  And maternity sessions are best between 32 and 35weeks.  


    Thanks for thinking of me, by the way!  I adore maternity/newborn sessions.

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