Tell me about your spinal...

I had an epi with Emerson and could feel a lot of pulling and tugging.  As I was coming out of it I had the shakes really, really badly.  I was up and at 'em pretty quickly after my recovery time though.  It may have been about 3 hrs and I was good!

I am curious how painful the spinal is and how long it took you to get up and get going after you had it.  What was your recovery like coming off of the spinal?  How long was it before you could get up and walk around?

I'm trying to make a plan in my head of when I want to get Emerson up to the hospital.  If I have the section at 7:30 am, will I even want Emerson at the hospital that day or will I want to wait until the next day?



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Re: Tell me about your spinal...

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    I had bad shakes after the spinal - it happens to me with most types of anesthesia - nothing bad- just annoying.  That only lasted about 1/2 hour.

    i had feeling back in my legs a couple hours later... but had horrible hot flashes (which were probably more from hormones and not spinal) and was so tired that whole day - I didn't want Griffin to come that day.  He came the day after and it was much nicer then- i was feeling great the next day and totally ready to see him and have him climb up in bed with me and the twins.

    i had my c/s at 7:30am, too. The first day I slept a LOT.

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    oh- re: pain... no pain putting it in at all - and during the c/s I could feel pulling and tugging - but no pain. It felt weird for a while when they were putting me back together (5-10min) but other than that, nothing that bothered me.
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    Just a sharp pinch during administration but nothing that was crazy painful. I couldn't wiggle my toes for a couple of hours after surgery, but I was up walking that night (cs was at 8am). No side effects for me.
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    I was terrified of the spinal...actually of anything going into my spine!! But I soon discovered I worried for nothing..the IV hurt worse than my spinal (the IV was just tad uncomfortable)

    The administering of the spinal was quick and painless..they numb the area before inserted the spinal and I couldn't feel a thing! And it had already kicked in from the time they took out needle to me laying back down!

    My recovery was fine...I had no issues with it. I had my c/s at 9:30 a.m. and the spinal wore off completely by 12:30/1:00, about by the time I got to my private room. It was starting to wear off while waiting, the feeling started coming back in my toes first and then it worked its way up. I was walking around later that afternoon.

    I think you would be fine for emerson to come in the late afternoon, like around 3 or 4, by then the spinal should wear, you should be comfy and have more painkillers.

    Just remember with the c/s....don't chase the pain, prevent it! always take your pain meds before the incision starts to hurt, much easier to manage that way :-)

    seriously..try not to worry! that was what stressed me out the most! the whole having baby part was not nearly as scary to me as the spinal LOL

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    My experience may be a little different.  They will give you a shot of something to numb the area, this does hurt a bit.  Then you will feel a lot of pressure going into your back.  It is very weird.  Not sure if it actually hurts, but you can feel it.  I also got the shakes pretty bad after this.  Then they had me lie down.  A few minutes later i tried to move my legs/feet and i could.  This freaked me out.  I told the anesthesiologist and he thought i was crazy, until i showed him i could move my legs.  Then he said that happens in some people and got this sharp stick.  He poked my arm where i could feel everything and asked me to tell him when i could feel the same thing.  I could in my stomach.  He did this over and over asking if i could feel it.  Umm, yes i can feel it.  He was like, are you sure it is pain and not pressure.. YES.  I am not stupid.  Luckily, my OB was in the room and at this point i started to cry because i was freaked that they would start to cut me and I would feel it.  So, they opted to do the spinal again.  He tried the same spot again and could not get it.  So i had to get it a third time.  Luckily, that time actually worked and i could no longer feel anything.  He said that he has never seen someone respond to a spinal like that before.  Lovely.  It wore off about 30 minutes after surgery when i could feel my toes again and move them.  i got up and walked to the bathroom 7 hours after surgery. 
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    The spinal really wasn't that bad. I was told that I could not get up for 24 hours whether I felt like it or not because I may be too weak. it really wasn't an issue as I had no reason to get up. it took longer for me to get feeling back in my legs. they asked me to wiggle my toes and I couldn't right away - they assured me that it was normal but it freaked me out a little. Later, I tried wiggling my toes again and my knees moved instead. It was weird :) I got up and walked eventually but it took some getting used to! Physically I felt up to seeing people right away, but I wasn't getting out of bed :)
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    I had a pretty good experience with mine.  The spinal itself was not nearly as painful as I expected and was over very fast.  I had a little bit of the shakes afterwards, but they weren't painful or bothersome.  During the surgery, I could feel some tugging, but it wasn't painful.  I was able to move my legs within about two hours of the surgery.  My surgery was at night, so I didn't get out of bed until the next morning.  I did have a lot of itchiness on my face (from the morphine), but it just lasted overnight and benadryl helped quite a bit.
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    I felt something quite painful when they did my spinal, but it only lasted about 5-6 seconds.  It worked well and I didn't feel a thing!  No pulling no tugging, nada.  I couldn't move my legs until 7pm tho.

    I would do it again, I think!

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