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Gma update and a question - long

Thanks to Wee for updating.

She still hasnt gone for surgery on her arm. They are saying most likely sometime tomorow. She is in ICU right now until they can get her scheduled. She shattered her knee but they wont do surgery on that and they found out yesterday that she also broke 3 ribs.

The car is totalled and she is mad at herself for not pulling over. She blacked out behind the wheel and swerved accross the street hitting a utility poll. The poll came down...its a miracle she is alive. They will probably take her license away because of her age and she feels like now she will be a burden on everyone. Its breaking my heart to hear her say that and even more so that I know she is in so much pain. She was on morphine but she said the room was upside down when she was on it so now shes only on percoset.

:hands out cookies:

And my question is do I qualify for FML because I live with her? My mom and I are taking turns at the hospital but before I tell my boss I need time off I want to make sure I qualify.

Re: Gma update and a question - long

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