Those with twins a year old or older come in please.

What is the weight difference in your LOs?

Are they walking yet? If they are, did you notice them eating significantly more once they started walking?

Re: Those with twins a year old or older come in please.

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    Wyatt is almost a pound heavier than Evi and he is two inches taller. When they were born they were the same height, Wyatt was 7lb 4oz and Evi was 6lb 10oz.

    Evi is walking now (about two weeks ago), Wyatt is not...only walks if he's holding on to our fingers.

    I wouldn't say they started eating more though. It's been pretty consistent for the last 3 months or so.

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    janjagjanjag member

    mine are about the same height, but there's probably at least a 3lb weight difference.

    not walking yet.  audrey is cruising all over everything.  vivienne stands easily and is still crawling. 

    i've been a little concerned that they aren't eating as much the past few days... teething?  too excited about exploring everything?  getting sick?  ah, well. 

    audrey moves her body much more than vivi, and audrey is a more enthusiastic eater in general now.

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    At their appointment on Saturday, Eli was 23 lbs. and Ben was 22 lbs.  That's pretty much been the case since they were born.  Their birth weights were 15 oz. different and they've stayed within a pound to a pound and a half of each other the entire year.

    Ben is walking, but Eli can only take steps if he's holding on to something.  Ben has always eaten a TON, so I don't know if walking changed that or not!  He must burn more off walking though because he tends to eat a good bit more than Eli, but doesn't weigh the most.

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    It's been almost 2 months since they were last officially weighed and measured, but I think Alex is about 1 lb heavier than Will (he was 2 lbs bigger from 7m to 13m) and maybe 1/2" taller.

    In terms of full-on walking-everywhere walking, Will started the day he turned 14m and Alex started shortly before turning 16m. I don't know that I noticed changes in eating correlating with walking. There are meals where they eat as much as an adult and meals where they only eat 2 or 3 bites. It's all over the place and has been for several months.

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    Cay is two inches taller and three lbs lighter than Alaina and all they do is eat though they are only 23 and 26 lbs.

    As for when they started walking, Cay started at 9 mos and Alaina during her 14th month.  


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    Gibby and Gray turn 1 on the 15th.

    Gibby is 8lbs bigger than gray - he's HUGE (28lbs at 11mo) and gray was 20lbs.

    Gray took his first steps last Saturday- but is not "walking"... Gibby stands on his own really well for a long time but refuses to take steps- he just dives.

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    kegkeg member

    My DDs were born about a pound apart (5lb14oz and 4lb12oz) and now I think there is about a 4 lb difference (19ish and 23ish lbs). 

    My heavier DD really started walking (as in walking the majority of the time) at 1 plus a week.  My second DD did the same thing about a week later.  They were a few steps here and there a little bit before that, but that was when it was like a flip was switched and they started walking all over the place.  Honestly, I can't remember if they started eating more when they did that.  However, I can say that their weight gains have significantly slowed down since probably their 9 month ped appointment (if not then, than at least since they turned one).    

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