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idk what to think of this..

My friend just found out she's having a baby boy and has already decided his name will be.. 'Phoenix Blayde Aven' and that's not including last name!

Re: idk what to think of this..

  • I think it is awful.
  • NMS, to put it mildly.
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  • I know someone who just named their baby Phoenix. We had a cat with that name growing up so to me it is a pets name. 
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  • If he was a girl it was gonna be 'Persephone Rae-Lynn Kyden'

    again that's without the last name..

    so unfortunate :(

  • that's so special
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  • Whoa hope they never have a girl!
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  • yikes that's pretty bad.
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  • I've lived in Phoenix and would never name a kid after THAT city!
  • poor poor baby...
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  • I have a male cousin named Phoenix.  It's NMS at all, but it does seem to suit him.  But Phoenix Blayde Aven?  The combination is just....Indifferent

  • Is she perchance a LARPer?
  • Phoenix is NMS, but it's not that bad of a name. The rest though...ay ya yi! Her girl name is especially crappy!
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  • imageshall923:
    I think it is awful.


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  • Ditto on the awful-ness of those names.    Ick!
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  • imageGideonsMom:
    that's so special

    This.  Yikes.

  • Why does she already hate her child? What did he do to her?
  • Is the baby a ninja?
  • Awful.
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  • Someone at my work named their son Phoenix. I just don't get why this is a name. I suppose in the scheme of things, it's at least spelled right as opposed to Blayde which is just messed up.

    ETA: I have a sinking feeling these names would get rave reviews on Name Berry.

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  • Sounds like they are trying to hard to be "cool/trendy."
  • Hmm... NMS. And pheonix is my brother's drag queen name soo....

    haha and the girls name is just wrong!



  • Holy moly that's a mouthful.
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  • Yuck!

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  • I love the name Phoenix, for a boy.  I wouldn't name my own son that though.

     I know a girl around my age named Persephone, and she is great!  I love mythological names, I'm just too chicken to go "out there".

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