At 5 weeks how much were your babies sleeping? DD has been napping since 5 (its almost 11 now) and she also slept from 11 - 4:30 this afternoon... too much??? or am I in for a really long night??

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    janjagjanjag member
    hope not, but it does sound like day/night mix-up. 
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    My girls slept so much at 5 weeks that I was calling the pedi several times a week.  They assured me it was fine as long as she's waking up enough to eat.  Try not to worry...mine are 14 weeks now and I can't get them to sleep!
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    during the day I would wake the girls to eat if they didn't wake on their own every 3 hours...I hope your night wasn't too bad!
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    My nights was great! She woke at 1 and went right back down until 630.  Its now 10 and she's still asleep!
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