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Do I need

those baby mitten things so baby doesn't scratch herself?  I have heard mixed opinions and don't know if I should buy some.
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Re: Do I need

  • No. Buy fingernail clippers.
  • I had some but Abe has huge hands and they never fit.  He didn't scratch himself until just recently.

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  • Henry used to scratch the shiit out of himself, even when we tried to keep his nails trimmed.  So I vote yes.
  • I had them and they were fine.  Socks work just as well.  I didn't clip his nails until a few months ago and even now I will only do it when he is sleeping.  Before that I would just file and buff.
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  • DNK777DNK777 member
    No.  I couldn't get them to stay on anyway.  Socks work better IMO.  I did like the long sleeve onesies that fold over the hands.  By the time she was in 0-3 I didn't need them anymore, but when she was a newborn she pretty much lived in those and a swaddling blanket.
  • I had 3 pairs and never used them at all.   Their fingernails practically peel off when so little.    She didn't scratch herself until 6.5 months old.   That was the first time I had to clip her nails with the clippers.

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  • I vote yes.  I used them until she was about 1 month old or so.  Was not going to use them until after she was placed under the bili lights and DH had to make a quick run to target to get them because she had clawed her whole body up.  Poor baby.  They worked great!
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