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I posted on my blog about you.  I was going to text you but I don't know where my phone is and there's a dog sleeping on my lap.
JHL 12/5/09 - 12/9/09
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Re: TW

  • ::sniffles::

    Thank you, love.  That was absolutely beautiful.  

    ::give GC a superbigsquishyhug:: 

    I can't wait for your visit! 

  • I have goosebumps and tears in my eyes. I love you girls!
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  • so sweet GC!
    MY FOUR ANGELS... M/C 12/26/02 AT 4 WEEKS M/C 12/31/07 AT 12 WEEKS, D & C M/C 12/5/08 AT 9 WEEKS, D & C ***BFP ON 3/26/09*** MARY REYNA BORN AND PASSED AWAY JULY 31ST, 2009 AT 23 WEEKS. GOODBYE SWEET BABY...I WILL MISS YOU FOREVER. ***AFTER 17 WEEKS ON BEDREST*** Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
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