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How long before you started ttc?

I delived my baby girl at 25 weeks after we found out that she had no heartbeat. That was April 13th. Aunt flow just arrived and now i have the idea in my head of when to ttc again. I am not sure I am ready for all that again, but at the same time want nothing more than to be pg. If you have had a late loss, I would love to hear how long it took you before you ttc. Thanks in advance!

Re: How long before you started ttc?

  • I had a baby girl at 19.5 weeks and my DH wants to wait 3 more months. I would like to start trying now but he would like some more time. It's all really up to you and when you get the ok from the doctor. What did your doctor say?
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  • we lost Lily at 21w5d on March 27th. This is our first cycle jumping back in. If I could have I would have started sooner, but I needed to give my body sometime to heal. It all depends on how you and your dh feel you're ready, and on the advice of your doctor. Im really sorry you have to deal with any of this... It's such a difficult thing to go through.
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  • What does your doctor say? We're still waiting on the official word for how long with our doctor, but as of right now we're planning on August. I'm kind of scared that it'll happen right away, cause that'd give us another April/May baby.

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  • We lost our baby at 16w, so not as late as you...but we are going to wait until the fall.
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  • I was only 9w3d, and my dr gave the okay at our 2 wk checkup.  I haven't had AF or O'd yet...we aren't really officially trying right now, but we aren't preventing.  If AF comes, then we will be in serious business next cycle.
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  • My RE indicated we could start again ASAP and to call on CD 1 for a hysteroscopy. We have to use donor eggs, so there are some logistics to deal with and "ASAP" requires some stars to align. I really really hope to complete a donor cycle in July.
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    Our little one was born at about 35 weeks and lived to be 3 1/2 months.  We thought at the time that it would be best to try to have another baby right away.  It only took me 2 months to get pregnant.  But after a few months of being pregnant, I wished we had waited longer.  there is a book that I found helpful called "Pregnancy after a Loss: a guide to pregnancy after a miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant death" by Carol Cirulli Lanham.  It goes through the pros and cons of getting pregnant sooner or waiting a while.  Although at the time I thought another pregnancy and baby would make me feel better, it is really hard because it brings up all the feelings from the first time.  Just today I was going through some of her things (baby #2 is due this week) and I started crying.  It actually takes a long time to get over, if you ever can.  But for some people you need something positive to look forward to.  It also might depend on your medical history, and if the dr. has any idea about if you have a chance of m/c again or a similar problem with baby's health.  Our daughter had a genetic disorder that has never re-appeared in siblings, so we felt we had the info to try again.   
  • Our loss of twin boys is recent, and I know that making the decision to TTC again should not be made during this period of grieving, but...my doctor told me we should wait three months given that I was 18 weeks along to allow my uterus time to heal, as well as be mentally prepared again.
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  • I think you should go with what your doctor suggests.  I delivered Jillian at 18w and we were told to wait 6 months (for both physical and mental healing).  We will probably wait 1 or 2 months after that though.
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  • My loss was at 12 weeks, and my doctor wanted me to wait three months before we TTC. I know every doctor is different. Waiting those three months were hard, but I am glad we have. I feel much better about TTC now, that I did two months ago. I would call your doctor to get his advice.
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  • I had Aidan via c/s at 28 1/2 wks. I was told ti wait until August to let my ute heal. When all my blood work and additional testing came back negative my dr said we could start this month.
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  • Every doctor is diffrent. I delivered my twins at 23 weeks 1&2 days and I am onmy second cycle of TTC right now.
  • I had a much earlier loss, but my Dr. advised 3 months, so we will TTC again after AF comes this month.
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  • imageSunflower730:
    Every doctor is diffrent. I delivered my twins at 23 weeks 1&2 days and I am onmy second cycle of TTC right now.

    Awww sunflower! I noticed yesterday your ticker said 1 day till testing... and i was really hoping that was the cycle for you. GL this cycle!

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  • We're going to TTC after one cycle, once the ever-elusive AF arrives. The maternal fetal medicine specialist who discovered my m/c (during the NT scan) recommended waiting 3 to 6 months. My regular OB told me one cycle would be long enough. I am over 40, so we have no time to waste and I feel ready physically and emotionally.
  • we lost our girls at 21w and both MFM & regular ob told us we could start after getting my first AF.  we're trying right now... i'm in my 2 ww.  good luck!
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  • I lost Keely at 40 weeks, I am ready to try again as soon as testing is done (I'm hoping that will all be this cycle, so I can start in June, although, this will put be due in April, when Keely was due Tongue Tied )  but he didn't give me a definiitive answer on when I could start again. He just said make sure you are both mentally and physically healthy.  He asked me to work with him a bit to give him time to try to make sure I am physically okay, which of course I'm completely willing to do.  But I think only you can know when you are ready, and that would explain all the different opinions. 
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  • DS was born on April 11th at 28 weeks. I was told you need at least 3 cycles for your body to heal and your uterus/lining to be ready to carry another baby to term. I think the typical response is between 3-6 months.You need to allow yourself time to grieve and have some recovery before dealing with the anxiety of another pregnancy.

    As for when we'll ttc, no clue but then again we haven't had sex yet (thanks to ovulation pain, these cycles are nuts).

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