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Parsley tea did not work - Still no AF

The saga continues. I still have not seen AF...it's now been 7.5 weeks since the miscarriage! I tried drinking a boatload of parsley tea because it's supposed to naturally induce menstruation. Nothing. AF has become the ONLY thing I can think about. I'm actually to the point of tears when I go to the bathroom and see nothing on the toilet paper. Even my DH has started asking about it...How do I keep from going insane?? I'm sure all the anxiety isn't helping things.

Re: Parsley tea did not work - Still no AF

  • I'm with you sister! I haven't seen the b!tch either. If the pain I felt was actually ovulation pains then I expect her this upcoming week. I'm supposed to be wearing a white dress to a party on Friday so that will probably do it. Lol
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  • I am so sorry hun!!! I so think i'm going to be in the same boat as you. I don't even know what to try though... aren't there any natural vitamins?

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  • I had to take provera to get her back. :-( And even then she didn't come when she SHOULD have with the provera. I drank craploads of parsely tea too. I was about to go to the store to buy ginger and try ginger tea, but she finally showed. It totally sucks. I hope she gets here soon for you. Ask your Dr. to check you out to see whats goin on in there. Mine did a transvaginal sono to check the lining and my ovaries to see where we were in the cycle. ((hugs))) Hope it gets better sweetie
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  • Mine took 12, but that is a long time. Maybe talk to your doctor for something to jump-start her visit?
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  • It took me 9.5 weeks after my m/c to get AF back. I'm sorry the parsley tea didn't work for you. I know it's very frustrating to wait in limbo. 
  • Thanks for all the support gals. I wish that for just once, something would go "right" with this situation...just some bit of good news. *Sigh*

    My doctor wants me to wait until the middle of June before they do any intervention. She said my hormone chain wouldn't start firing until the HCG was negative and this time last month, it was still registering as positive. We know for sure it was negative on May 19 so I have to wait until then to see if my body recognizes what it's supposed to do. Thanks for sharing your stories though. It helps to not feel so alone.

  • Ugh! ?That stinks that you have to wait so long. ?My doctor said she would put me on provera almost immediately since my cycles are wacky anyway - can't imagine what this has done to them. ?I go tomorrow to *hopefully* get the all clear. ?

    If I were you, I'd call and tell them it's the beginning of June, if I start taking provera now, I might actually have AF by the middle. ?Maybe the tea will still kick in.?

  • So sorry! I hope she comes soon!
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