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HEYYYYYYYYY~~!!! Im sorry i havent called! How ya doin? The M&Ms have been sick so i didnt want to venture your way.  But all is well (well except the teeth coming in hahaha) when can I come by and visit? and when do i get a pic of those LOs!!!

Re: SoldiersGreenBean

  • Hey!!

    We're doing great!  It's so much easier the second time around, even when you're outnumbered.  No worries about sickness - such is the way with kids.  :-)

    I thought I sent you an invite to the blog.  I must not have.  You can come by and visit whenever you want!  I know you probably like to spend your wekeends with all 3 Ms, but we're pretty free this Sunday.  Or any evening this week or next, really.  Give me a buzz!

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