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How much does your 4.5 month old weigh?

One of my guys only weighs 14 pounds.  He weighed 5 lb 7oz at birth.  He hasn't hardly gained any this last month.  I'm wondering how much underweight he is.  I can't find a website that will give me percentiles.  Know of any?

Re: How much does your 4.5 month old weigh?

  • Did he see the doctor for his 4month shots? The concern isn't so much what he weighs as it is that he is following a proper growth curve. Fourteen pounds does not necessarily mean he is underweight. If he really isn't gaining any weight, I would call the doctor to discuss. My girls are very small and are both charting their own curve :)  Their stats:

    Audrey - 5lb8oz at birth. 10lb14oz at 4.5 months = 5th percentile

    Evelyn - 6lb1oz at birth. 11lb11oz at 4.5 months = 12th percentile

    Although petite, they are growing at a proper rate and are not considered underweight.

  • Ditto to what sunnybrook said. As long as they are steadily gaining some weight, I wouldn't worry.

    H&J are 5 months are as of last week are 13lb12oz and 12lbs12oz. They are petite, but definitely are gaining weight. 

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  • Keep this in mind. Your baby (babies) are supposed to double their birth weight by six months and triple it by a year and yours are already well past that. Looks like they are doing just fine to me!
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  • They had their 4-month shots at 4-month, 1-week and were 12lbs 1oz (5lbs 0oz at birth) and 12lbs 5oz (5lbs 3oz at birth).  Their pedi wasn't concerned at all.  I'm not sure how accurate or "good" this website is, but here's one I've found to help with percentiles: 

  • Jake: 5lbs 7oz at birth  12lbs 9oz at 4 months

    Addy: 5lbs 5oz at birth   14lbs 13.5oz at 4 months

    If the pedi saw him and didn't say anything, I wouldn't worry about it. The concern lies is if he falls off his growth curve. I just googled percentile charts and several popped up.

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