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Breastfeeding Questions

I feel like I don't know anything about having babies! I am so overwhelmed by everything out there...strollers, carseats, pack n plays, breastfeeding, it's crazy! But that is besides the point :)

 If some of you remember my post from a few days ago, I ended up purchasing the Medela Pump in Style Pump from my friend. Brand new in the box. It comes with four milk storage bottles.

 DH and I were looking at bottles in Target and were confused. Do you have to purchase specific Medela Breast feeding bottles? Or can I purchase any bottle and transfer the breastmilk to them? We had planned on registering for Dr Browns or Tommy Tipsee. 

 And those four little milk storage bottles do not look big...so I am assuming I need to buy extra storage bottles? How many do I need?


Sorry if these are silly questions, I just have no idea! 


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Re: Breastfeeding Questions

  • you can definitely use whichever bottles you like to feed your little one.  i always used dr. brown's too when we needed to use a bottle.

    also, i never used bottles to store/freeze milk.  i used the medela storage bags.

    good luck and have fun.  it will come naturally when your little one arrives.

  • Here is a link to a post previously done.  It had tons of great info on storage, and so forth.  (Or at least I thought it did!)



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  • The skinny DB's should fit the Medela pump, but for storage, I preferred the Lansinoh storage bags.  You can freeze them flat and take up less space than bottles.  I just pumped and combined milk (only combine BM at the same temperature - you can't combine freshly pumped with refrigerated, for example - so put it in the fridge to cool down before you combine).  Then poured into bags and popped into the freezer.
  • Don't worry about feeling like you know nothing.  It's common and the nurses/lactation consultants at the hospital will answer any of your questions.  They were a big help to me as I had no clue what I was doing.  Then of course, there was google and the nest to answer the rest Smile

    The medela pumps attach directly to the DR Browns bottles.  I do this when I know I am really full and am going to pump more than 5oz or if I am pumping to let DH feed immediately. Otherwise I use the bottles that come in the accessory set (5oz)

    The NUK brand storage bags are the cheapest and the NUK and Laninsoh brand can hold more than the Medela.

     Be sure to have Lanolin cream in your hospital bag so you can start using it right away and prevent the cracking/bleeding.  

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  • You can use any other bottles to store.  The slim Dr. Brown's fit on the medela pump as well.  Also, when you're in the hospital, you can try to snag some more storage bottles from there instead of purchasing more.

    And just as a side note, I wouldn't just register for a bunch of one type of bottle.  Your baby may have a different opinion of what kind of bottle to use.  =)  We had a bunch of Dr. Browns, and they didn't work well for Dylan at all but my friends had great luck with them.  You just never know.

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