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So, DH wants to go to UNC

We have lived in Oregon our entire lives and DH has yet to go to school.  I know it will be a huge adjustment (especially since neither of us has ever moved anywhere else), but what are your perceptions of where you live?  We have some family who live in Greensboro, but it's nice to hear other opions.

 So, is NC a good place to raise a family?  Lots of stuff to do?  Any suggestions on local hospitals to look for work?  Areas of Chapel Hill we should look to rent in.  Or is the commute to UNC from Raleigh or Durham okay?

 We're talking about moving the first of the year and it feels overwhelming to know how much stuff there is to do and look at! Thanks so much for any insight you might shed!

Re: So, DH wants to go to UNC

  • Would you move to NC prior to applying into the school?  I believe you have to live in NC 12 months to establish residency.  There is a cap on out of state residents that are admitted annually (I believe 20%, at least when I was there that was the cap). 

    I am from NC, so likely biased, but I think it is a great area especially to raise a family.  We live in Raleigh and have easy access to the coast and the mountains.  There are a lot of good restaurants here and events going on all of the time.  Housing is reasonable here, our property taxes are affordable and there is a wide variety of businesses in the area.

    UNC has a hospital and they also own Rex in Raleigh.  Additionally in the triangle area (Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill), WakeMed has 3 locations.  Duke University system has a hospital in Durham, as well as Durham Regional and Duke Raleigh.

    Rent and housing (purchase) is very expensive in Chapel Hill.  I do not have any specific suggestions, but I would likely rent in Durham, Morrisville, Cary or Raleigh if I had a family.  You may like Carrboro (small town directly adjoining Chapel Hill).  My sister lives in Durham and the more time I spend there, I really like it.


    Good Luck!

  • Western Durham wouldn't be a bad commute to UNC (depending on where), but Raleigh and Eastern Durham would be a long and crappy commute to CH. There are a lot of hospitals in the area to work. CH has UNC, Durham has Duke and Durham Regional (I work there and love it!!), and Raleigh has Rex, WakeMed, Duke Health Raleigh, and Western Wake. Raleigh also has two stand-alone ED's (North Raleigh and Apex) if you are interested in ED. 

    I've lived in NC all my life (most of it in the "Triangle area") and love it! Great place to raise a family!

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  • I love NC...especially the weather. My husband went to UNC and we both love it! The most beautiful campus in the country in my opinion.

    Both Duke and UNC are both incredible hospitals. Alamance Regional is a smaller hospital if you opt to live closer to Alamance County.

    Chapel Hill is very nice, but very expensive. There are TONS of places to rent due to the fact it is a college town. Carborro is nice, but for a family I highly recommend Hillsborough--adorable little town. Durham schools are terrible. I'm a teacher and they hire unlicensed teachers due to the fact that they are desperate for someone to teach. Wake country also has a huge population problem, so the schools are something that are always a problem. Orange county schools are good, Chapel Hill/Carrboro schools are awesome. I live in Mebane, in Alamance county. Decent schools. Great tax rate. You get more for your money and its growing everyday. I commute 30 mintues to Durham. We are building a house in Hillsborough, which will make our commute about 20 minutes.

     Chapel Hill/Durham has soooo many things for children and moms to do. There are a lot of SAHMs due to the fact that everyone seems to have a doctor/lawyer husband. People are pretty educated...probably due to the fact that there are a lot of hospitals/colleges right around the area. I dont ever plan to leave this area....I LOVE it!!!!

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