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Second Baby Size Question

E was a pretty darn small baby (five pounds & nine ounces at 39 weeks) and she remains petite.  I wonder if this baby is going to be as small as she was or bigger.

For those of you with two, how did the second compare in size to the first? Did gender make a difference? 

We haven't told all of our family yet, so I'm waiting to say anything on Facebook -- we are having a baby boy! 

Re: Second Baby Size Question

  • first - congrats on your boy - how exciting!

    And I don't have a delivered baby to compare with, but Marion and this girl were the same weight at their 20 week appointments.  So we'll see if they come out the same.

    As an old wives tale though, I've heard second babies tend to be bigger.

  • Congrats on the boy! Yay! I looove boys (for obvious reasons) ;)

    A couple of factors in play for us

    Tru was 10 days late. Mathis was 10 days early.

    Tru was 8#11oz. Mathis was 8#2oz.

    Tru was 95% for height, weight and head until around 9 mos, when his height plateaued at 75% and weight dropped to 50%. he landed around a year at 25% for weight and 75 for height where he still is at 3.5.

    Mathis is 95% for height, off the chart for head and consistent 25-30% for weight. he is way longer at this age than tru was and skinnier.


    i have some friends who have a girl first and then a boy. the husband is around 5'9" and the wife is closer to 6". their daughter is TEENY tiny and their son is giant. he is not even a year and is almost as big as their girl who is pushing 3. 

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  • Joshua was 39w3d and weighed 8lbs 3oz

    Gabriel was 39w4d and weighed 8lbs even

    At all of the check ups Gabriel is bigger than Joshua.  


    Congrats on your boy!  Like V, I have great love for little boys.

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  • Congrats!  I obviously don't know, but I have a feeling this kiddo is going to be a bit bigger than Amelia...we'll see in 5.5 weeks. Stick out tongue
  • I dunno either, but his baby in my belly feels HUGE!!
  • DD was 6 lb 4oz at 40 weeks.

    DS was 7 lb 4oz at 38w3d.

    Even now he is bigger than she was at the same age. She didn't hit 20lbs until around 7 months but he was just shy of 20lbs at his 4 month appointment.

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  • LisaK2bLisaK2b member

    Congrats on your baby boy.  I know someone who's daughter is older than Emmy but seems half her size.  They have a baby son that is about 2.5 years younger than #1, and he's a gigantic baby!  He's a good eater and they don't have to fight with him when it comes to food. 

    With two girls, they're pretty much the same size as birth.  Emmy was born at 36 weeks exactly at 6lbs 1 oz and Ally was born at 36w5d, and was 6lbs 14oz.  Ally is growing at a faster rate than Emmy did as a baby, but I'm hoping that it'll eventually even out. 

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  • jen5-03jen5-03 member

    Every OB I had seemed to think that 2nd babies are typically larger, so it may be more than an old wives tale. I don't think birth weight makes much difference in the long run though.

    Technically, DS was larger than DD - 8lb9oz vs 8lb1oz. But considering that I had GD with DS and not with DD (which generally makes babies bigger), and that DS had 3 weeks longer on the inside, I don't think it's really a fair comparison!

    But he's a lot bigger than DD was at 6mo because he's already 20lb and she didn't hit that until almost 1yr.

    - Jena
  • As a comparison:

    Birth:  DS (37 wks) - 7.4; DD (40 wks) - 7.10

    2 months:  DS - 11; DD - 9

    4 months:  DS - 13; DD - 11

    6 months:  DS - 14; DD - 11.5


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  • O at 38w4d: 7 lbs, 10oz

    C at one hour short of 40w: 7lbs, 9oz 


    Pretty much the same weight at birth.  However, she is much, much smaller than he is/was.  He was 25+ lbs at one year and she has yet to make it to 20 lbs.  Congrats on your boy! 

  • Yayayayayyyy!  Baby boy!!  Congratulations! 

    Sam was 6 1/2 lbs., 21 inches

    Hannah was 8 lbs.,...yikes, I can't remember!  20 inches?

    Sam is still small for his age, but I have the feeling he'll sprout up in middle school, just like his daddy.

    Hannah is pretty average.  She weighs just 3 lbs. less than Sam right now, and they're only 21 months apart.

  • congratulations!!  two kiddos is a fun handful!

    my kiddos were both born at 38 weeks exactly and were each the same 8pounds 10oz.  i even gained 7 pounds less with my second kid who was a boy, first was a girl.

     so, i think it's different for everyone.  good luck.

  • mom2llmom2ll member


    Luca 38 weeks 6 lbs 12 oz
    Lila 38 weeks 6 lbs 8 oz

    She is much bigger than he is.  She's 80% for height and he's 20%.  However, at birth they were almost exactly the same...

  • #1 Kohen - 8 lbs 5 ozs

    #2 Kamryn - 7 lbs 6 ozs 

  • Each of my girls were born within a week gestationally of each other (M - 37.5, K - 38w 5d S - 38w 3d) they each went up in weight.  M - 7lbs 1oz 19in K - 7lbs 7oz 20.5in S - 8lbs 1oz 21.5in  

    So for me... Yes. :) 

  • Abby was almost a pound smaller then Reagan. Reagan was induced 3 of days before due date and Abby was induced 7 days before. Reagan has always pretty much followed the sizes by age and little Abby at 15 months old is just starting to wear some 6-12 month clothes and still fits in her 0-3 month shorts.
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