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  • My doctor advised me to eat a normal breakfast. I did, however, stick with something high protein rather than a lot of carbs. 
  • SS:  I did a different kind of test.  No sugar drink for me.
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  • My doctor said that what I ate would have very little effect on the outcome of the test
  • imagerayskit10:
    My doctor said that what I ate would have very little effect on the outcome of the test

    That seems logical. Either your pancreas is doing a good job or not. They are just testing to see if which category you fall into.

  • LisaK2bLisaK2b member

    My dr didn't say anything until I asked her about fasting...and she said not to eat anything after midnight, my test was first thing in the morning at 8am.  Anyhow...I stopped eating at 7pm (dinner) thinking that it would help my chances even more, and turned out that it may have been the reason that I failed by 4 pts.  I went too long without eating which can make your blood sugar spike.  So for my 3 hour test, I had a pb on toast at 10pm, and got my blood work started at 6:30 am (so only an 8-9 hour fast) and I passed with flying colors.  My blood sugar was pretty low in all 4 readings. 


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  • I was told I didn't need to fast for the 1 hour, and just to not eat a really sugary breakfast. I had a couple of eggs and some cereal. No problem.

  • My doctor said to eat protein if I need breakfast (which I do!). I had scrambled eggs with cheese. 

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  • DS1 - fasted after midnight (late evening snack)

    DS2 - ate eggs with cheese, 1/2 whole wheat english muffin

    discussed with dr both times, passed both 

  • for the one hour no fasting.

    for the 3 hour, no food after midnight.

    (which was the same for the one I did post pregnancy last week.... apparently pregnant people aren't the only ones they torture with these dang tests!)

  • I can't even remember... wow, that's sad.
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