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Anyone else?

Does anyone else like being around new babies? ?

I have so many friends who have just had babies or are due very soon that I simply can't avoid being around them - I would have to lock myself in my house.

I have found that I feel hopeful around them though...it's like a reminder that not every pregnancy ends in m/c. Last night I held a 2 wk old little boy for hours at a friends graduation party. He was just the sweetest thing - and happens to be the son of a friend who had 2 m/c before she had him, which really made me feel like I can overcome this and have a happy, healthy pregnancy and baby someday too.

So, am I the only one who feels like this???

Re: Anyone else?

  • I'm glad you feel like this ... it's good to be positive.

    However, for me ... I've always been a pessimist. I'm trying to stay positive, but right now I dodge every chance to be around babies or pregnant women. Although I am happy for them, it's just a constant reminder of why the 1 in 10,000 chance had to happen to my baby.

  • I go back and forth...kind of depends on how I'm doing that day. But yesterday I saw my SIL for the first time and she is due the month before we were. I had been scared that I would feel sad but overall I was pretty happy and hopeful. It is giving me the push I need to think about trying again sooner rather then later.
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  • For me it's incredibly hard to be around babies right now and frankly it's been that way for over a year ( since my first miscarriage ).   On thursday when I came back from my second ultrasound and was sitting in the doctors waiting room, waiting for the doctor, a little boy about 1 yrs old was running around in front of me. He was giggling, doing what little boys do.  I was crushed inside.  My husband looked at me and grabbed my hand and I just started crying.  I tried to hide it from the very crowded waiting room.  thank goodness, the nurse came about a minute later and ushered us into the doctors office to give us the bad news we already knew.  I hope one day I don't feel so much pain when looking at little ones ... I love kids and I am very close to my nieces and nephews but right now it hurts way too much.
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  • I haven't been around a baby since my loss. I've seen them @ the store but that's about it. I think I will still love being around my niece and my friend's baby when he is born in August...but only because I will love them  :)
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  • I do! When I was about 6 wks pp I went to visit a co-worker in the hospital and held their 1 day old. 
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  • Not right now. I remember after a few months after my m/c in August I was able to hold my friend's new baby and feel hopeful. Right now though I can't help but feel jealous, sad, angry, disappointed...I hope this will disappear with time. Although seeing a pregnant teenage girl at the dr's office after we got the news did NOT help matters whatsoever...

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  • It's interesting - when I see the posts on FB I get very sad and upset.  Yet I went to a party yesterday where there were lots of little ones, and I really wanted to hold the babies.  I think my desire to hold a baby (of course preferably my own someday, but for now theirs will do) is outweighing my jealousy about the people in my life who already have them or the sadness I have about our loss...  But that said, it can shift a little from day to day depending on how I feel in general.
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  • I feel the exact same way! I burst into tears after the first time I held a brand new baby girl, but ever since then I've been totally fine. My fiance's best friend and his wife just had a baby boy 4 weeks ago, and we've been seeing them pretty regularly since then. I actually get excited when I know we're going to their house because I can't wait to see their baby! I guess I just figured that I'm going to have to be around babies eventually, and I can't be bitter about it for the rest of my life (or however long it takes for me to have one). But I guess I didn't start to be okay with it until it had been about 4 months after we lost Olivia. I think one or two months would have been two soon for me.
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  • I have not been able to bring myself to hold any babies yet. Although I wish I was as strong as you! I hate not giving my nephew all the lovings from me he deserves.

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  • The only baby I have an issue with is my nephew, he was born 3 weeks before Nicholas was suppose to be born. For me the correlation in my head is to raw. Other babies are perfectly fine b/c in my mine they aren't Nicholas and have no relationship to him.

    That said I do get emotional or angry if the moms of said babies are extremely insensitive. I realize they are happy which is fine, but there is a tactful way to be happy without gushing and making stupid comments.

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